Physical Therapy Career

Description Of A Physical Therapist

They provide services that help restore function, improve mobility , relieve pain and prevent or limit permanet damage.

Job Outlook

There are approximately 180,280 people employed in a Physical Therapy career field. job opportunities for a Physical Therapist will increase over the decade. Most Physical Therapist choose to be employed in a out patient clinic , hospitals and schools.

Duties Of A Physical Therapist

General Duties : Therapy can include work and massage to increase strength , coordination and range of motion .Specific Duties : Applying traction and heat , cold , light and water treatments. Also incudes training patients to use prosthetic and othotic appliances.The work hours for a Physical Therapist is 40 hours per week , or more depending on the place of work.

Qualifications Of A Physical Therapist

Physical Therapist need to have body strength , patience , empathy and a caring attitude. The range of education needed is , the most challenging high school math , science and english courses. A masters degree aand a pass examination certificate.The University of Phoenix and also the University of South Carolina provide Physical Therapy courses in there schools.


Beginning Salary : 15,000 - 25,000Average Salary : 25,000 - 45,000Exceptional Salary : 57,720 - 105,900College tuition migh be an expense you would have to make , in order to pursue the career of Physical Therapy .

Nature Of Physical Therapy

Expecting to gain : how to reduce strain on your joints during daily activity .Physical hazards can include lifting weight when assisting in phyiscal help . Te common injurys Phyiscal Therapist help with is Athritis .


After doing the research for a Physical Therapist career , I've found certain things in this field that i do not prefer to do . Im still deciding what career would be best for me . I have not chosen a career . I love helping people and see them recover . People that have had things happen and unfortunately need help and see a grastic recover would make me happy .


Delynisse Ramos Martinez