Your STARS Align in 2016!

Dream BIG! Your Why, Goal & WDYK List!


Your STARS have aligned and we are kicking off 2016! Great gifts, inspiration and MORE! Look for daily challenges as we help you kick start your 2016! And most of all? Imagine YOU as a STAR in 2016....YOU ARE WORTH IT! Dream big and work hard. The sky is the limit. When do your goals become a reality? When your dreams become your daily? When you DECIDE to make it happen. Let's DO THIS! 2016 We HAVE ARRIVED!

Today's FABULOUS Give-Aways!

The Daily Challenge: State your WHY, 2016 Goal & Make Your WDYK List!

Great things happen when your dreams become expectations. When you commit to the work it takes to make your dreams a reality. So day one is's about dreaming big and getting to work.

Find the post on our team page:
1. State your WHY
2. State your Q1 2016 Goal (by April 1st)
3. Make Your 2016 WDYK List

Build your constellation of success....we'll be reaching out to just 10 day this week! You'll need your why in focus, your goal in place and your list easy to access! The end goal? 4+ shows on your January & February books! YOU CAN DO IT! Don't sell yourself short. You're WORTH IT! This is your year!!


Dana Lonergan - Star Stylist

Her Gift: Kate Spade cooler. I love this for so many reasons but mostly the saying. Breaking the ice with people you don't know is one of the keys to being successful in our business. Plus who doesn't love Kate Spade?;)

Bio- I'm married 24 years to Jason we have 3 fabulous kiddos, 2 away, 1 at home. I work full-time as an outside sales rep for the parts department at a local Chrysler dealership. I'm a Jayhawk since birth, love my friends, traveling, and my family.

My Why- Showing my daughter that the core of success is confidence and hard work. Knowing that at the end of the day you have to love the person in the mirror and wake everyday ready take charge.

Goal- Share the gift of Stella by adding 5 new stylists in Q1, HOL Star

Tip- Set goals, be consistent, and have no fear.

Jessie Schneider - Star Stylist!

My gift.... is my fave 2016 Monthly Calendar. A staple on my desktop because it's super cute AND so helpful. Easy way to glance at dates and holidays while you're busy booking trunk shows on the phone! Comes with a chic brass stand and each month has a cheery print border- just love it!

MY WHY: I joined S&D a little over two years ago, at the time, my boys were just babies and I needed a creative outlet to feel like 'me' again. Last year, I was able to quit my part-time job, continue to be a stay at home mom and focus completely on my business. In Nov. 2014, I got a taste of how incredible leadership/coaching is when I first promoted to Star and I haven't looked back since. My WHY is to keep a balance in my life, so I can be the best mom I can be.

BIG GOALS! In 2016, along with an amazing team, I am going to become an Associate Director by April!

TIP: HUSTLE....If you want it bad enough, you can find a way to make it happen! And....HYPE! Keep up the excitement with hostesses, customers, and stylists - create the energy you want to work with!