Operation Einsten

Mark A. Cooper


A boy named Austien is writing a school WWII report and asks his grandpa what he did in Germany. He was in a group of pirates. He would go around criticizing the Nazis. They go and attack the Hitler Youth multiple times. They even went to a colonels cottage and threw rocks at him. A little while later they found a Jewish girl named Zelda. Her family got shot when she was at school. The pirates found her under a tree crying. They took care of and hid her because the Hitler Youth was looking for her. One night they got bombed by the British Lancaster bombers, and one of the bombers got shot and crash landed. The pilot got away from the fire and hid in the pirate's barn. He was found in the hay loft trying to find his compass. One of the pirates found her and the pilot talked to her. Then one of the boys came and tried to wrestle him off. They tried to fly the Jewish girl to Switzerland. They went to the Hitler Youth camp and stole a plane.


The theme for this story is never give up no matter what. The pirates needed to get a helmet from an office to make sure that the Nazis do not find their finger prints. Some Hitler Youth were coming down the stairs when the pirates were trying to hack a safe. When a hanger got on fire there was a boy caught under a beam and the British pilot was just about to take off when he saw the boy. He cut the plane so he could help the boy even though he tryed to shoot the pilot. One of the pirates was trying to do some black market with a friend but he was killed. The pirate asked the new guy their if he did any black marketing and would trade wine for bacon.
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Historical facts

The town is called Würzburg located in Bavaria, Germany. The town was bombed multiple times by the British Lancaster bombers. It was the one place in Germany that had the most bombs dropped. There were 582 tons of bombs were dropped on Würzburg. There was no hanger in Würzburg but they did have a training site for Hitler Youth pilots.


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Hitler Youth

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