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Qi Gong Practitioner for People & Animals, ​Certified Internal Martial Arts Instructor, Writer

Hello There!

How are you? How are your animal friends? I would love to hear from you. Do you have any follow up questions about a recent appointment? Have you learned the Pangu Shengong Moving Form from me and have been practicing at least a month? I am now certified to teach the Cognitive Sensory Development Non Moving Form Qi Gong. This form cultivates energy for the different structures and functions of the brain and central nervous system while developing stronger sensory and cognitive functioning including improved memory, creativity, and is also good for improving spinal cord conditions. It enhances your spiritual development by improving the connections between your heart, soul, and nervous system. The form also helps with sleep disorders.

*Also, I've expanded my hours at the Long Life Wellness Center - 1127 Kildaire Farm Road, Cary, NC.

Specials until May 1st

  1. Refer a friend for any of my services and receive an energy adjustment/intuitive exploration appointment for 1/2 the price - $33.00! (Your animal friends are eligible.)
  2. Buy an energy adjustment package - 4 appointments special rate. Regularly $260.00 on sale for $180.00.
  3. Refer a friend to buy an energy adjustment package and receive two energy adjustments for 1/2 the price.

A package includes - One on One Golden Hill Meditation Instruction, Oracle & Animal Totem Readings, Qi Gong Energy Adjustments & Intuitive Exploration for People or Animals as well as Animal Communication and Hospice Care. (Excludes Qi Gong Instruction and Rainbow Bridge Passage)

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Personal Testimonial

I thought that the best way to demonstrate the effectiveness of my services is to share my personal testimonial with you.

Daily Pangu Shengong (qi gong) practice has enabled me to find peace in our hectic world. Everyday I feel calm, happy, hopeful, and brave. Before discovering energy cultivation, I thought that I would never work again or enjoy my favorite pastime, walking on a nature trail. Now, I take nature walks with my dog several times a week. My life feels like a dream -- a dream with a lovely beginning...

I was diagnosed with severe rheumatoid arthritis in the summer of 2004. When I learned qi gong in 2011, I had about given up on life. I was very afraid of side effects from my prescriptions and was in constant pain in my knees, ankles, wrists, and shoulders. I was struggling with several lifetimes of physical and emotional pain. Pain that left me bedridden and wheelchair bound while I felt hopelessly stuck and profoundly SAD. I was desperate and extremely depressed. As soon as I started practicing, I immediately experienced qi sensations in my hands and began sleeping better. I felt hope for the first time in years. Thankfully, I found what I desperately needed…what we all need, healing at the soul level which is what I believe Pangu Shengong offers.

As I recovered, I found the courage to become certified to teach the Pangu Shengong moving form in 2014 and the non moving form in 2017. Daily Pangu Shengong practice boosted my confidence and self worth enough for me to slowly embrace my authentic self.

I finally felt consistently well enough and went back to work. From 2015 - 2016, my 13 years of pet dog training experience and 12 years of living with chronic pain motivated me to write my first children's novel, Dear Carina, Betty's Dreams for you Come True. Then, I opening my own qi gong practitioner practice in 2016. In addition to teaching Pangu Shengong, I offer energy adjustments and intuitive advice to people and animals. Pangu Shengong reminded me of my animal communication skills that I turned my back on during adolescence. Once I started practicing and accruing teaching certifications, animals decided that not only was it time to listen again, but it was time for me to help them, too! In 2017, I added animal communication services to my practice. My blog and novel explore my animal communication encounters.

The philosophy of kindness interwoven in Pangu Shengong has changed and enriched my life the most. I am both humbled and inspired while practicing kindness under any circumstance. Family gathering are actually fun! Sometimes I miss the mark and lose my temper, but these days, those difficult moments happen less often. Not only have I learned to always be kind to others, but I also have learned the importance of being kind to myself. Regardless of past mistakes or hurts, we all deserve a peaceful, happy life and we should settle for nothing less.

Now I lead a life unafraid of what the world brings me. I’m happy and much healthier physically, spiritually and emotionally. I have healed emotional wounds some of which, I wasn’t even aware of until after I started practicing. I have never taken pain medication stronger than ibuprofen. After several years self examination and daily, dedicated practice, my RA is in remission and I have had “no disease activity” since 2015! I have also suffered from migraines. However, I felt a huge energetic release in the front of my forehead during my non moving form teacher training and haven’t had one since. I feel so lucky to have met my beloved teacher, Qi Gong Master, Ou Wen Wei, and I feel great gratitude for his guidance which challenges me to use my strong will to become my best self. Teaching the gift of Pangu Shengong is a privilege and I feel deeply honored to share this empowering practice with you.

Are you ready to take steps to empowerment? Are you willing to do the work? Face your foibles? Heal your life? Be brave! You can do it! Listen to your heart; help yourself...

Also, Lucky You! Master Ou is coming to Raleigh in June. He will offer several Pangu Shengong classes, advanced topics lectures, and group healing. Pangu Yoga taught by Anisha Desai and Pangu Tai Chi taught by Master Chu classes will be offered, too.

Peace & Love,



Golden Hill Meditation

Tuesday, April 18th, 7-8pm

601 Westwood Drive

Garner, NC

Experience a qi energy adjustment while Cristen leads you on a journey to a hilly meadow from her childhood. The healing qualities of nature's beauty and wisdom are intertwined with "Pangu" vital life force qi energy which provides: Balance, Harmony, Peace of Mind and Inexhaustible Vitality while Strengthening the Immune System & Increasing Well Being & Happiness. Click here for more details. Check out this fact filled article about the benefits of meditation on Psychology Today.

The hill represents transcendence. I have been there many times and feel honored to share the hill with you. I begin by explaining qi and the Pangu Shengong Maxim - Take Kindness and Benevolence as Basis. Take Frankness and Friendliness to Heart Speak with Reason. Treat with Courtesy. Act with Emotion. Accomplish Results.

"You feel like you’re up in the sky,

in a star,

in a tree,

​enveloped by all the love that ever was,

all the love that ever will be."

Golden Hill Meditation ©

No previous meditation experience required. Donations accepted.

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Cristen Bopp, LLC

Services : Pangu Shengong (Qi gong, Internal Martial Arts) Instruction Moving Form & Cognitive Sensory Development Non Moving Form. Qi Energy Adjustments for People & Animals. Oracle & Animal Totem Readings One on One or Events. Animal Communication, Hospice Care, Rainbow Bridge Passage Support - All Species & Ages. Golden Hill Meditation © - One on One, Group, Work Events

Click here to Join our local Pangu Shengong Meetup. This meetup is a way to bring locals of the Triangle together to learn The Art of Life Force through Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Meditation and Yoga.