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Week of February 24-28

Teacher Notes

Leader Day was Friday! Your kids completely ROCKED their part. I am so proud of all of them for sharing their growth, strengths, and learning in their Leader Binders with our guests. They practiced all week, and their leadership shined brightly on Friday. See below for pictures!

Scholastic Book Orders - DUE TODAY!!

There are so many great books from Scholastic! So many of these teach social skills, as well as educational content. Books are the key to unlocking your child's creativity, deep understanding, and imagination. Check out our magazines for February - Order by February 24th!

  1. Go to
  2. Type in the item # for each book you would like to order.
  3. Add to Cart.
  4. Make sure to order with the class code: Q6JVX

Leader Day

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This Week's Learning


Students are learning the elements of dramas and poetry. We are really digging deep into this text to sharpen our comprehension skills and back it up with evidence.


Students will be using word structure to help identify meanings of words. Using these tools and applying this knowledge will continue to help them become better readers and writers.


Students are drafting their rough drafts for their famous american's research. The end product will be an informative book with five to six paragraphs.


We are telling time to the nearest minute and figuring elapsed time. If you can ask your student to tell what time it will be in fifteen minutes or what time is was an hour and a half ago will be great extra practice. Elapsed time is always hard for student to catch on to. Please remember that students are working on mastering their multiplication facts. They are tested first with their 0,1,2,5, and 10s. Please continue to encourage students to work on their multiplication facts at home as well. Here is a great link to some fun songs to help become familiar with these.


Students will begin a unit on force and motion. This is a hands on unit and has several experiments as well. The baby chickens hatched! The students got to see several actually hatch which was a great culminating activity for the students to end the unit on life cycles.

Leader in Me Habit:

Think Win Win

Upcoming Dates

February 21st: Leader Day

February 28th: Leader Assembly 1:30 & Breakfast with Books

March 4th: Student Lighthouse Meeting @ 7:30 am

March 6th: Spring Parties provided by PTO

March 9th: PTO meeting at 5:30

March 10th: Spring and Class pictures

  • McCulloch in Motion (run club) begins (note will be coming home soon to sign up your student if interested.)

March 13th: End of Quarter

March 16th-20th: SPRING BREAK

A Note from Nurse Mickey

Flu Season Tips:

Make sure we are taking precautions-- Stay home if you have a fever until fever free for 24 hours, wash hands with soap and water and or hand sanitizer, cover mouth when coughing or sneezing with tissue or elbow, Drink plenty of water, get plenty of sleep, eat healthy, minimize face touching, fist bumps instead of high fives... Smiles and laughter- they can boost your immune system!

Nurse Mickey

What's Going on in the Classroom?

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Don't Forget

Snack: After looking at our schedule, we have found a small window for daily snack. Students will be able to eat a snack in the morning during our first recess to tide them over until lunch at 12:10.

Folders: Take-Home Folders will be going home every day. This will help make sure that important papers are going home each day and will make it easier for the students to remember to take their folders home! Please make sure to check your child's folder each night.

Dismissal Reminder: If your child's normal dismissal plan needs to be changed for the day, please call the office to let them know! Teachers are not able to check my email at all times, so our administrators have requested that any dismissal changes be communicated through the office, instead of through teachers. If you would still like to email me about changes after notifying the office, that is still fine! It is not necessary, though :)


Class Dojo is the fastest way to communicate with me! I use this for messaging and for communicating about student behavior during the day.

If you have not signed up yet, please email me! I will send home a paper with directions on how to sign up.

Email is also a way to get in touch with me, but it is not as fast as Class Dojo.