Online Safety- Just the facts

What is a digital foot print?

A Digital Footprint is pretty much what you do on the web,every website you go on says and has proof of what you have been doing.


You have the first amendment rights!


Your Policy/ Terms of use. It will let you know what you can, and can't do.

Cyber Saftey

Protect Yourself

Don't give out your information out, you really don't know who's behind a computer screen. That goes for any electronic device, really.


You will never get away from bullies in your life.. That's the cold hard truth, until they're gone completely you will hear about them.

if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.


Don't make hackers have a easy job, make your password have $ymbo!$, CAPITAL letters, and num6er5.

Ex: yE1!0w


Don't follow links you are unsure about.

If you're online shopping, look for the 'https' or the padlock to know if the site is legit.


Public WiFi is not safe.

Don't pick up flash drives.

Pull over if incoming phone call.

Think. Just think.

Little Things

These few 'things' can definitely save lives.