Martha Coston

Lets go on a journey into the past

Childhood and Earlylife

On December 12,1826 Philidephea Maryland Martha Coston was born. In Martha's early years she went to many diffrent places like Eqeroup, France, Denmark, Sweden,and the Nether lands. There were a few disapointing moments in Martha's life like when her father had passed and her mother was widowed.


Martha Coston's greatest accomplishment was the signal flair.She even had her own bussnies Costons signal flairs co inc. Oh and this flair helped the navy alot it was very usefull. Here is another great accomplishments in her life fire works.

Pictures of Martha costons achivments

important events in Martha's life

1826 Martha Hunt is born in Baltimore Maryland 1. 1842 Martha marries Bengirman Coston 2. 1847 Martha moves back to Phillidelphea after her husband passed 3. 1859 Recives patnet for signal flairs 4. 1861-1865 Coston flairs are used by North during the american civil war 5. 1886 Martha Coston dies 6.



Martha coston and Ben F. coston watied to marry until Martha finished school.1 Ben coston helped Martha with her school lessons.2 Martha's husband Ben Coston became the director of the US navy scintific labrotory .3 Martha coston was in finacial states with money.4

Martha's End

Marta died 1886. I feel that Martha was a strong bold smart woman. Why do i think that well its because she helped the navy by making the night signals and never got deprssed and gave up when most of her family passed and when i grow up i want to be just like her.