The Container Home Project

Parker Pulliam

In The Beginning

This was where everything in my project started all the way from where I got the ideas and all the skatches

The Diagram

This is where I put it in 3D and got a good visual of what it looks like.

Autocad Drawings

This is where everything came to play all the way from the kitchen to the bedroom layouts came from.

The Final Pictures

out of long and stressful hours and days the completion is done. the house is full of modern day items such as new TV's, showers, and beds

Home location and Reflection

I'd like my home to be in Colorado. I feel like it would do well in the summers cool weather and I think it would still be a nice place to live in the cold winters. I'd like it to be in the woods but still close to shops and civilization. My favorite thing about this project was that it was 100% mine and that there was no real influence of others that made it. the hardest part about it was the exporting the items from 3D warehouse and scaling them.

Mr. Pulliam

Principles of Architecture and Constructions
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