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Cateogery of the overall game: Ability games

Computer game market keeps growing extensively.In that aggressive earth many games are being created to attract people. Beery Dash is one of the amazing IOS talent game developed by Miniclip in colloboration with National Greetings Properties. The overall game environment draws kiddies and women and makes them addicted by visiting

As strawberry short cake dolls became trend among girls and children. gaming designers needed a bonus and deigned a game title applying Strawderry small cake and five buddies as charectors.The participant Acts as stawberry and gathers coins,fruits and helps to make Cakes and sweets.Cute dog works combined with the character.The player movements around the screen in a system that will be filled with several types of fruits and playcoins.Butterflies are viewed as powerups.

There are many charectors in the game by which Strawberry shortcake is for free and different charectors should be ordered online.As the game remains each figure should really be unlocked to reach the destination.The outfits can be transformed by gathering playcoins which makes the overall game more interesting.There are different purchases like boxes of fruits,powerups,pups,bags,coins which are accustomed to progress the game.The person needs to gather different fruits like bananas,cherries,oranges and coins to cook the cake.Collection boost the report which are shown scoreboard put into left part of the screen.The sport involves an end by unlocking various receipies like desserts,cakes,special cakes and snow cream.This is a single person game.The game works effectively with interesting graphics.and wonderful background music. This is most readily useful,most entertaining and age proper sport for kids.

Control keys:

The Player runs in a town named fruit bitty city using the up and down arrow keys.The get a handle on secrets are easy to operate.

Coins and fruits are collected by experiencing all of the limitations to make cakes and sweets.

Unity internet player is needed to work the game.

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