Writing Frame

ERPD Literacy Focus

Today's Learning Targets

- I can articulate the impact of teaching writing on students’ literacy.

- I can use writing frames to model the types of texts in my grade level or content area.

- I can locate resources for writing for my content area that are aligned to my curriculum guide

Writing to Read


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Understanding Effect Size

John Hattie used a research based universal formula to calculate effect size that researchers from across multiple countries & disciplines & higher ed institutes have used for decades...what made Hattie important for educators is that he focused his‪ research/meta-analyses on educational strategies, concepts or initiatives.

He took the average of the effect sizes of all the strategies, concepts, and initiatives and the average effect size of all of them was .4, and determined that shows approximately a years worth of growth.

It may be more effective in secondary or elementary, but you have to dig deeper, as an average for that strategy if .4 or higher it grows

Jigsaw Activity


What does the research say?

•Work in teams of 5

•Divide the article:
–Have Students Write About the Text they Read (p. 13-14)
–Have Students Respond to a Text (p. 14-15)
–Have Students Write Summaries of a Text (p. 15-16)
–Have Students Write Notes About a Text (p. 16)
–Have Students Answer Questions About a Text in Writing, or Create and Answer Written Questions About a Text (p. 17)