Learning at the Library

Central Elementary's Spring Newsletter

A note from Ms. Pyrtle

As Spring Break approaches and the year begins to wind down, I wanted to give an update on all the great things happening in the library. Our 4th graders are brilliant researchers and the 5th graders are master historians! The library is a busy place with all the students working on projects, finishing books, and discovering PowerPoint. Take a look at all the Learning at the Library!

Famous Missourians

Our 4th graders are busy discovering all about the historically significant people from Missouri. Each student chooses a famous Missourian, researches him or her, and presents a speech about their character. We are practicing good investigation skills and learning the ins and outs of Microsoft PowerPoint. They are deep into the research stage right now as the speeches are happening on Friday, May 2.


The 5th graders are exploring the intricate process of colonization. They have been reading historical fiction and non-fiction books about the Americans' colonization in their classes and independently. Now they are transforming their classrooms into their own original America. Come see their colonies on Thursday, April 24 before we leave for Spring Break!

New Titles to Read over Spring Break

Mustang Readers Gold Medal Winners

The following students have been working very hard to earn their Gold Medal for Mustang Readers. To earn gold, they must read at least 12 of 18 specified books. The recipients so far are:
  • Molly Spears
  • Grace Danner
  • Bryce Gatt
  • Hal Jenkins
  • Lauren Price
  • Mattie Mocker

There is still time to earn the gold medal and celebrate at the end-of-the-year party. Encourage your kids to grab a book and read in the last few weeks of school!