Who are they?

From: the Hathor Material - Virginia Essene and Tom kenyon

By nature we are energetic and interdimensional. Our origen is from another universe. We came to your universe through a portal that you call Sirius. And arrived in the etheric regions of Venus.

In the past we have worked with an through Hathor, the goddess of fertility of the old Egypt. We also made contact with Tibetan lama's in the starting period of the Tibetan Boedhism. We are an enlightened civilisation. We live at a certain level of vibration and our vibration rate is faster than yours. We have been growing like you towards the One Source of All that is. We can offer what we have learned as friends, mentors en fellowtravellers to the path that remembers the All That Is.

The egyptian history gives almost no indications about our existence, our motives or physical descriptions. In the temple of Hathor there are sculptures that show how we look like.

The name Hathor implies female, creative and fertile qualities

Mother Earth is the name that was already used in Ancient Times, referring to the female principle. The female mystery and and nature were the most important ways of expression of the consciousness. In the beginning Hathor was associated with heaven. But later it became the goddess of fertility. There is no coincidence that her name and ours are similar. We have been laying the foundation of this female symbole and have been supporting it. The goddess Hathor exists independantly from us. She is so to speak an achetype. She is a cosmic force that is used as a symbol and we have unified us with her qualities of love, extacy and happiness.

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