Division skills

learn to divide

1. Round the divisor and dividend

2. Then divide the numbers and see what you get

3.Then make a house

4.You put the dividend in the house and divisor outside the house

5.See how many times 19 divisor goes into the first number of the 349

6.If it does not go into 3 then put 0 above the 3 then go to your first two numbers 3 and 4

7.19 goes into 34 once so put a 1 above the 4,then subtract 34-19

8.34-19=15,then bring down your last number 9 and add it to 150

9.19 goes into 159 8 times so now subtract 159-152=7 then put the 8 above the 9

10.So your answer is 18 r 7 is that close to your estimate if so then you just might be right

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