Brady Jordan

Colonial Life

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- All About Colonial Life

Chapter 2- Zack and Mason

Chapter 3- Farming Was Important

Chapter 4- The Other Side of the Story

All About Colonial Life & Hunting

Do you could live in colonial times? Colonial people had a difficult role. They had to hunt and build houses. Another reason they had to make clothes. The colonist children had to work all day long. These are my four reasons why colonial people had a difficult role.


Hunting was important to the colonist because they got animals. The animals help them survive. The animals they would hunt DEER, RABBITS, FISH, TURKEY, BEAR and DUCK. Some animals had lots of meats so that’s why animals are important.


Traps are important to the colonist. The traps were easy and they could catch there pray easier. Traps were in the ground most of the time. The colonist had to dig holes for it to work. The colonist had to put sticks and grass over the hole. Then the animal would walk over it then fall in. Then they get the animal then skin it. That’s why traps are important to them.


Deer are important to the colonist because it had a lot of meat. Deer has skin and fur to make clothes. The teeth were used for hoes. Also they would save their food for winter. They had to hunt and be caring to hunt. The deer had a lot of meat. These are my 4 reasons why deer are good.

TOOLS Tools were important to the colonist because they help to hunt it makes it easier to hunt. The colonist had to hunt with axes, knife and musket. They had to trade to get shillings then go to the blacksmith for iron to make stuff. These are my 4 reasons.


Colonial people had a difficult role. The colonist had to hunt and build houses. Another reason is children had to work all day long. They had to make clothes. These are my 4 reasons why colonial people had a difficult role.

Zack and Mason

I am Zack and I am 35 years old. I am a hunter I like to go hunting early in the morning. I I am fat, tall and friendly. It feels good to hunt because I get to get food for my family. I live with my wife and one boy. We live in a cabin in fort number 4 we live here because our house was attacked by Indians. I have a friend named Mayson He chops down the wood. He is nice to me we trade the meat that I kill for wood that Mayson cuts down with his axe. He lives 2 houses down from my family.

I went hunting and I shot two deer then after my friend tom skins them I bring a peice of meat to Mayson then I bring it back to my house to store it for winter. I go hunting for deer because they are easy to hunt I kill two a day if I do I give one of them to Mayson he likes it when I give him meat. Hi mate now my wife has to take care of my kids she has a tough role. Mayson is like a brother to me. He give’s me wood because he is a lumber jack I appreciate him I love when he gives me wood. I teach him how to hunt deer he is so good. It’s the next day and I’m hunting and I shoot a bear then I get attack by a bear then Mayson took my gun then he shot the bear thank you Mayson. Now in life I’m retired from working. Then I hear a gunshot Abnaki attack then they raid the fort then they shot me threw the wall.

Farming Was Important

Imagine you are person in Colonial Times. Farming was important to colonists. The colonists needed to grow crops to make medicine. The colonists had to store crops for winter. These are three reasons why farming was important.

My first reason why farming is important is that they needed crops to cook to make it into soup. If they were sick, soup would be very helpful for them. With crops they can make different foods. Some crops could make handles for weapons. That’s my first reason.

My second reason is they had crops to make medicine. Colonists had to grow herbs. The herbs helped people so much. They could heal people. They need corn, peas, and other crops to make medicine. That is why they needed crops.

The colonists had to store food for winter. In the winter they had to preserve food so they would not have to go out hunting so they can survive. They traded clothes for food. That’s why they need food.

These are my three reasons why farming and crops were important to the colonists so they could survive. That’s three reasons why it is important to the colonists.

The Other Side of the Story

My name is Isawa. I think the colonists are a pain. They took over our land. That is why they are a pain. The colonists steal stuff. They also killed animals then eat the meat and throw y the bones away. But we use every part of the animal, even the bones.

lswa, the trip leader told me to tell you that we are attacking Fort #4. OK! I go to get my bows, and give my wife a kiss. "See you in a little bit" I said. I was walking through the woods and I see a colonists. I shoot him with my bow until he is dead. I take his bullets and gun. When I was walking I heard a snap. I yelled, "Get Down". A colonist man said,, "Hello Mate!" I said, "Who goes there?" "My name is Zack" he said. "We are Abenaki's"

The day after, the colonist Zack was gone. When he left, we decided to go. Then we were walking through the woods then we arrived at Fort #4. "Halt! Who goes there?" BOOM! Then I shot Zack. Then we raided the fort. Then a guy came up to me with a knife.

"Sir, Iswa died". "No! He didn't" "You will have to tell his wife." "We will tell Iswaa's cousin to tell the wife". Then, Atean walked back into the woods and when I got back to the tribe I went to tell his wife. "Mam, Iswa is dead." "What?!" "I know it is sad, we will have a ceremony for Iswa".

"On this day we remember Iswa as a leader. He would never give up." "No! No! No!" He can't be dead." "Wait, is that Iswa?" "I killed the guy with my knife. Sorry you guys were scared. I ran into the woods so I wouldn't be captured".

One year later, I am back. Our life is so good. Now we are friends with the colonists. We trade with them. We learn from them. They teach us how to make beef stew.


Life in colonial times was difficult. In colonial times hunting was important so they could get food. Farming was important because it gave them crops. Women had a difficult role because they had to do most of the work. They had to knit, teach kids, cook, clean, farm, and take the crops off. These are the reasons why colonial life was hard.


  1. colonist-a person that came here a long time ago
  2. crops-a type of food
  3. din-noise
  4. kin-family
  5. pray-hunt something
  6. shillings-money
  7. survive-need to live