Andrew Jackson

Indian Removal Act

Jackson has the Military round up the Indians. He then moves the Indians to Oklahoma.

The former Indian land is unoccupied so Jackson has people grow crops. Jackson also starts to build factory's. Jackson directly benefits from the Indian removal act.

Spoils System

Jackson once elected president gives his supporters, who helped him win the presidency government jobs. He relives everyone who had former jobs and giving his supporters jobs they didn't know how to run. His government system became weak afterwards.
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Killing The National Bank

Jackson dissolves the national bank because he says it is unfair to the poor people.he disbanded it also because he believed we didn't need it. He believes it is against the constitution too.

Cheroke Indian -Negative

Dear U.S. Government

We have had our lands stolen due to the Indian Removal act. We have done nothing but abide by these laws. You are also giving away our lands to people who helped you win the presidency.

Jackson is killing the national bank (bellow)

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Jackson is Killing the bank (above)