5th Kristie Cowboy

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Cattle are cows. There is a lot of cattle in Texas because they have big space and a lot of land. They needed a lot of so they can eat and not starve. They only cost $4.00 in Texas. people who help cattle they are called cow boys
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Cattle drive

Cattle drive is a rail road. The cattle's walk to the rail road to get sent to Kansas
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Kansas got there cows from texas and they cost ten times as more than how much texas cost. For Kansas they cost $40.00 because whenever you have less of something you spend it way more if you have a lot you make it less so more people can buy it. Kansas did not have a lot of cattle because they had rocky mountains witch is hard to eat fro the ainmals

Famous Cowboys

Bob Ieavitt, Isom Dart, Jonh Ware, Mary Field

Why did they stop calltle drive?

One cause was the growing conflict between cattle ranchers and farmers on the great plains