Wedding Planner

Tabitha Erwin

Average Salary

Yearly- 44,260

Per Weeding- 3,262


1. Traveling

2. Self Employment

3. Very little training

4. growing field

5. personally awarding

6. Free food

7. Tips

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Required Education

1. 4 year degree in buisness

2. certificate ACPWC

3. good communication skills

Daily Tasks

1. Review overall budget

2. understand the style, colors, vibe, and taste of the couple

3. get to know who your working with.

4. discuss progress to date

5. create and review vendor contracts

6. organize your wedding day timeline

7. coordinate vendor arrivals and deliveries with your venues

8. prevent expensive mistakes such as rush shipping charges or unnecessary changes

9. give you ideas, and tell you about current trends help pull together any disjointed elements, and create a unified "look"

10.see and add details you might have missed coordinate the florist, caterer, printers, invitation companies, graphic designers and any other aesthetic vendors

11. help you choose bridesmaid dresses and other wedding party attire, your bridal gown and/or groom's wear

12. find coordinating and stylish favors design your tables, lighting and other visual details.

Opportunities for Advancement

1. Conference coordinator

2. Program coordinator

3. Consultants(executive directors who work for organizations as well as self employed)

"Day in the life of a Weeding Planner"

Before staring to even work or meetMing clients you must have strong organizational skills, a high energy level, and the ability to work long hours and stand on your feet for long periods of time. Must be available to work weekends and evenings and sometimes even nights. A sense of humor is required, if you want to get a good reaction from your client. You Must have compassion and the ability to handle high levels of stress and most of all being patient. you have to get to know your client before doing anything else, after getting to know what they dislike and like you need to start with preparation. first step of the preparation is starting the process by formulating a detailed timeline. The locations of the service and were the reception well be taking place. When every little detail is in place, the planner does a walk-through of the venues and a final meeting with the bride and groom before the weeding to make sure everything is good and they are happy very important the are happy brings more tips in. They also makes sure the ceremony rehearsal goes smoothly by assisting the officiate and making sure the wedding party knows what to do. “The ceremony is already choreographed"..

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