STAR Staff Newsletter

Week of April 20 - 24, 2015 Vol. 31


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Monday, 4/20

  • Amy out - 1/2 day AM

Tuesday, 4/21

  • STAAR Math

Wednesday, 4/22

  • STAAR Reading
  • Administrative Professionals Day (Secretaries Day)
  • 1st grade to Natatorium - Hernandez, Gillie, Sustaita

Thursday, 4/23

  • 1st grade to Natatorium - Crane, McLeod

Friday, 4/24

  • End of 5th six weeks
  • STAR Showcase
  • This is NOT a half day - make sure you communicate correctly in your newsletter! :)

From the Assistant Principal:

Duty on STAAR Days

Kinder, 1st and 2nd , we are needing help with duty. Kinder, please support in the foyer and in the auditorium. 1st Grade, please help monitor students in the cafeteria. 2nd grade, please greet students outside and help them get out of cars on these two days. Thanks!

STAAR Instructional Materials Covered

-Finalize covering any material before testing, inside your classroom and hallways. We are testing in all common areas. Please remind your students to stay quiet in the halls for those of you not testing.


-3rd and 4th Grade Math and Reading STAAR; April 21-22.

RTI/SIT Calendar

-The SITs that were originally scheduled for April 16th, will also be rescheduled to Thursday, April 30th , due to recent SIT meetings that were held on Friday, April 3rd and STAAR testing scheduled on April 21-22.

The following is the new timeline for the April 30th SITs.

-Last day to refer 4/21 (3rd and 4th grade STAAR Day. 3rd and 4th grade, please make sure to refer before this day)

-Parent conference by 4/23 (3rd and 4th grade, due to STAAR, please make contact before/after this date. This is simply here as a guideline)

-Send intervention logs to IST 4/28

-SIT meeting 4/30


May 4-15TH


May 10-15

EOY Reading DCA 3rd and 4TH

3rd May 20th

4th May 21st

**Any questions about this section should be included in the Meeting of the Minds document and addressed to Mr. Rodriguez.

From the Counselor:

**Any questions about this section should be included in the Meeting of the Minds document and addressed to Mrs. Smythe.

From your Instructional Coach:

Kindergarten – Video about the importance of phonemic awareness instruction and progress monitoring.

Grades 1 – 4 – Video about how to do a book introduction for students reading second grade levels and up.

From the Library:

The UpdaTED Library Lingo

My brain has exploded with many thoughts to share with you this week. I have tried to be concise and to the point. Some of what I share will help us to bring the year to a close. Do I hear an “Amen?”

There will be no “live” morning announcements on Tuesday, April 21 or Wednesday, April 22.

There will be no book check out on April 21 or 22 because the library will be closed for testing. This will leave a full day on Thursday and a half day on Friday for classes to come for book check-out. I am sending out a Google Doc for you to sign up to bring your class on Thursday or Friday next week to change out student books. This is optional, but I feel needed! The link is:

April 24 is the last day for students to turn in a Reading Bingo card.

Faculty and staff that work at WRES are invited to purchase this year’s Reading Bingo shirt. The shirt design, pricing information, and sign-up form will be posted on the lounge door soon.

Week of April 27-May 1

· It will be back to normal with library lessons and book check-out for Tuesday, Wednesday, and part of the day for Thursday classes that happen to come from 12:45 to 2:45. If you are a class that comes on Thursday mornings between 8:30-11:30, please make a note that I will need you to bring your class on Friday morning this week instead. The library is being used for a principals’ meeting on Thursday morning.

Week of May 4-8

· Looks like a normal library week for all!


May 11-15

· Thursday classes will need to bring their students on Monday, May 11 this week for their lesson and book check-out. Tuesday and Wednesday classes will run as scheduled. The BOGO Book Fair begins Thursday and continues on Friday and the following Monday. Feel free to bring your class down to look/shop at any time to the fair. There is no structured schedule for when to visit.

· May 15 is the last day for students to check-out books for the school year.

May 18-22

· BOGO Book Fair ends at the end of the day on Monday at 3:30.

· May 20 is the day that all student books must be turned in for the year. Monday, May 18 would be better, but Wednesday is the absolute cut-off.

· Special opportunity for anyone interested on May 19 & 20!!!

There are tons of kids who are excited to check out a Yearbook, an I Spy book, or a drawing book from the library when they come weekly for book check-out, but their teacher wants them to get a book with words that they can practice reading….hmm….imagine!

I thought it would be fun to offer a time where you can bring your class for a 20 minute block of time and I will have all of the yearbooks, I Spy and drawing books set out with paper and pencils for the students to enjoy. It will be a very relaxed time. Did I mention that you don’t have to stay with your class either? A sign up sheet in Google Docs has been created if you would like to participate. The link is:

May 21

Reading Bingo Party: The entertainment will start at 10:00, so please send your kids that earned this privilege to the library around 9:45.

May 22

Mrs. Evers will be here from the Watauga Public Library to share with students about the summer reading program and activities. I will send out a schedule when it gets a little bit closer for the time assigned to your grade level.

May 27

The library space will be utilized by 3rd Grade who will be hosting there 2nd Annual Market Days.


· Six Flags tickets should arrive around mid-May. I will pass them out to teachers when they arrive. You may want to discuss as a grade level whether you want to disburse right away or hold onto them for your end of year awards ceremonies.

· I will make up certificates for you to pass out to your students that participated in the Six Flags Read to Succeed program.

· I will also make up certificates for students that participated all the way for Reading Bingo.

· I am still working on a game plan for how professional development books checked out under your name through the library will be collected this year. Stay tuned…

Happy Birthday!

4/20 - Happy Birthday, Angela Gillie!