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Written By: Sofia Chunga

Sciences and Health

Secrets of the Organic Compounds

There are 4 types of organic compounds: Lipids,Protines,Carbohydrates,and Nucleic Acids. Lipids are the thing that most people are trying to avoid. Lipids are fat. Fat is energy you stored and never used and it stays there waiting to the used. It's hard for people to lose that cause they dont exercise regurlaly. Sactuarated fat is the"bad"type of fat. it can raise cholesteral levels. Unsacturated fat is still fat but better than Sacturated fat. Still it's not good. Protiens are the thing that form your bones is they are broken, hurt or chipped. Nucleic Acids is the NA in DNA and RNA. It's what makes you.

The Colt Family Tragity

Cell Colt Rushed to the Hospital

The Colt family, a family of 6 have faced a terrible tragity. They're youngest son, Cell was rushed to the hospital when he fell of the trampoling and landed on his head. His parents, Heredity and Homeostasis are hopeing for their little boy to be in non-lifethreatning. His sistesr, Evolution, Interdenpendence and Energy where their at the seen. " It looked like he sneezed and then fell of." said Evolution. No report yet on his condition.