Brazil Tourist Attractions

By Diya J.


I will be traveling to Brazil for the Olympics in 2016. I have chosen the 10 tourist attractions I want to visit, and I will provide pictures and why I chose the attractions.

Christ the Redeemer

I have decided to go to the Christ the Redeemer Statue located on Mount Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro. I want to go their because I hear it is a beautiful view from the top of the statue, and it is one of the largest statues of Christ in the world. The pedestal which Christ stands on is a chapel on the inside. Many weddings, and baptisms have happened in the chapel, and if you were to pray inside that chapel, you will be blessed, according to local stories.

Iguaçu Falls

The next place I want to visit is Iguacu Falls located on the border of Brazil and Argentina. I want to see Iguacu Falls because it is very scenic and beautiful to see the waterfalls and the surrounding areas, and because of how large the Iguacu Falls are. The width of the Iguacu Falls is 1.7 miles and the height varies from 200 to 269 feet. This makes Iguacu Falls taller than the Nigara Falls and twice as wide.


Next, I am going to travel to the Pantanal. The Pantanal is the world's largest wetland and covers an amazing distance of 75,000 square miles. I want to go and explore the Pantanal because of it's unique animals. During the dry season the Pantanal has a variety of animals, such as the largest Jaguar populations in the world. But, in the wet season, there is actually aquatic life, because the land floods, giving this area a very unique characteristic.

Copacabana Beach

I have decided to get sand between my toes at Copacabana Beach! Copacabana Beach is four kilometers of just coastline touching the Southern Atlantic Ocean, filled with people, music, vendors, performers, hotels, and restaurants. Lets not forget the welcoming sand, sea, and sun. I want to go their because, well, who doesn't like the beach! I think it will be a really fun experience to touch the Atlantic Ocean.

Amazon River

My next destination is the Amazon River. The Amazon River is the world's second longest river, with the Nile being slightly bigger. The river has about 3,000 fish species and still counting. I want to go see the Amazon River, because after learning so much about it, I really want to see it's natural beauty for myself. Also, the Amazon Rainforest surrounds the Amazon River, so it is a two in one deal!

Fernando de Noronha

The next place I will be visiting is Fernando de Noronha. Fernando de Noronha is one of the most exciting diving spots of the world. The water in Fernando de Noronha is very clear so you can also see marine life too! It is an archipelago of 21 islands 354 miles from the Brazilian Coast. The only way to access Fernando de Noronha is by plane or by cruise, which is usually a two day trip. I want to go their to see the sea life, and also I want to ride in a plane or cruise.

Corcovado Mountain

The next stop on my trip is Mount Corcovado. Mount Corcovado is located in Rio de Janeiro and it towers over the Brazilian city. The mount is 2,300 high, and is surrounded by Tijuca Forest National Park. I want to go there because is notable for it's natural beauty and prime positioning.

The Museum of Art

The Museu de Arte de São Paulo Assis Chateaubriand (São Paulo Art Museum Assis Chateaubriand) is an Art Museum located in Sao Paulo. It holds a large collection of Latin American Art and other foreign art too. I want to go their because I love art, I think it will be coll to see different types of art from a different part of the world.

Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden

The Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden, is a huge garden with a variety of plants and flowers located in Rio de Janeiro. It also has a variety of birds, including toucans, that fly over the gardens everyday. I want to see Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden because of how colorful the different flowers can be, and to just relax and enjoy a few hours.


The last place I will be visiting is Brasilia. Brasilia is the capital of Brazil and is the largest city that was built after the beginning of the 20th century. It hold the Brazilian Government, and the headquarters to a lot of Brazilian companies. I want to go there because the city is made up of a lot of high tech, and almost futuristic buildings. Also you can find a variety of fun things to do there!