Albion Elementary

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Student Driven Feedback and Feedback in General

What if we gave and used feedback to be better at our jobs?

What if we did the same with our students?

What if the goal was the quality of the work our kids produced not the quantity or the amount of work we accomplish in a time period?

I am a huge supporter/practitioner of Project/Problem based learning scenarios. The biggest thing is the feedback process by both peers and by teachers. Watch the example in the video below and look at the progress in work.

It's something to think about. I know what I would want my own kids to accomplish. Completion of a task is one thing, but when you look at what task could be. All by working with others and taking their feedback to produce something exceptional. It makes me wonder how we can do more for our kids. Maybe its a shift in priorities?

Austin's Butterfly: Building Excellence in Student Work

NWEA Testing for Students with Accommodations

Keep getting the NWEA testing done. We have to make some changes for some of our students. Kari will be getting you a schedule for those kids that have testing accommodations. When your are giving your NWEA tests please get in touch with Mrs. Garte she will be pulling you accommodations students and working with them on their IEP needs. Kari will be giving the NWEA tests separately for our students with accommodations.

I will be making a testing schedule for our Spring NWEA testing. It will all be done on the ipads in the spring. We will be doing testing by grade level so we can more efficiently cover our NWEA testing accommodations. Please bear with us as we will have kids coming and going over the next few weeks for the winter NWEA window.

Upcoming Events

  • December 1-January 26 NWEA Winter Testing Window
  • December 5 JOT Training 3d Printing in the Art Room with Mr. Wesson
  • December 14 PTO Talent Show and PTO Free Will Donation Dinner
  • December 18 Kindergarten Program 6:30 PM HS Auditorium
  • December 21 End of Second Grading Period

Much Later

  • 2/26-3/9: ISTEP Part 1 Window
  • 3/12-3/16: IREAD Window 3rd Grade
  • 3/19-5/18: NWEA Spring Testing Window
  • 4/16-5/4: ISTEP Part 2 Window
  • Tin Caps game Day after memorial day (reading )
  • 6/3: Graduation @2:00

Christmas Parade ! Its was a blast. Mark the First Friday in December down for Next Year !