When the wind blows

facing the evil with the most unexpected people


The summary of this book is about this lady named Frannie. She runs a successful vet clinic by herself. She used to be married to a man named David until he was murder, then work became her only concern. Someone stopped by at her clinic named Kit that is a stumped FBI agent on "break". Frannie though earlier before that had heard an animal cry, captured in a bear trap and ran to save it. She got there and there was this beautiful little girl, frantically searching for a place to hide. She was tattered and dirty, she seemed normal until she turned around and frannie saw these beautiful wings on her back.


This book was a harder book for me to start to enjoy it and read it, this is why i chose it. I recommend it to high schoolers and adults. It was a good read be because it was different, most of his books are about murders, crimes.. etc. This book was more fiction and i enjoyed. The kids were deformed and mutilated by scientists who were exploring. They killed off the children when they weren't good enough.