GRM780 Discount Card

Incentive/Rewards Program For Customers

My name is Devon Black of GRM780 I'm entertainment blogger/aggregator/curator who creates local music showcases and social mixers at various venues across the Bay Area.

I feature local upcoming musicians, singers, bands, rappers, dancers and comedians providing them the opportunity to perform in front of attendees who support indie performers

To show appreciation to my supporters I'd like to give them a gift for subscribing to my blogs and attending my events.

I want to start a GRM780 Discount Card program to reward my supporters and give them more incentive to keep supporting my projects.

I'm looking for businesses and merchants that would be like to participate in my discount card program.

I would created a card about the same size as a typical business card it with GRM780 Discount Card written on it, qr code and ulr that will direct them to the page that lists all the participating business in the program.

There is no cost to participate. I just request all participating companies to give discounts, giftcards or any special offer they would like to extend to the users of GRM780 card when they shop at your at their stores in person. For online shoppers I suggest using the promotional code GRM780.

If you agree to be part of the GRM780 your logo, listed on our website in the program participant page, on our event flyers, banners, posters, on the official event videos and the name of your business will be mentioned on our internet radio stations.

Participates can dropout and re-enter the program anytime they want without penalty.