CWC Silver Lake Walk-a-thon

The big event is in just FOUR DAYS!

Hi Team Vanessa!

There's Only FOUR DAYS until the Walk-a-Thon!

Hi! Your child will be walking for the pledges you collect for the walk-a-thon on Friday, April 12th. Please see below for the schedule by class.
Please continue sending out your link to friends, family, coworkers, clients...basically, anyone you can think of.
We are at 62% of our goal and need every single family to participate to reach our final number.
If you need to locate your fundraising link, it is here: participant listing. Find your child's web page and copy and paste the link on the bottom right of his or her page.
There's only four days left to collect sponsors for your child!
Walk-a-thon website:

Volunteers for the Walk-a-thon

Here are the people who signed up from our class to volunteer:
Set up: 7:45am-8:30am
Melinda Travis, Amberley Willis (doing 4pm Thurs set up)
Help during the event: 8:30am-1:15pm:
Becky Orellana, Tamara Bick
Lap Counters: 10:00am (ride the bus over and count your specific class laps):

Drew Antzis, Todd Heine, Laura Lambert, Susan Heine

Clean up: 1:15pm
Gina Roston
Please contact Christina DuPont if we left you off (sorry), or if you'd like to help out or if you are no longer able to volunteer. Email:

The Walk-A-Thon Schedule

When: April 12th, 2013, 8:30a-1:15p

Where: Assistance League @ DeLongpre & St. Andrews

What: A Walk-a-thon. The event will take place at the Assistance League, during regular school hours.

Please come and cheer on our amazing students! Wear your CWCSL t-shirts! Make posters to cheer on your class and your child!

  • 9:00a-9:30a: Kindergarten (Ms. Alison, Ms. Amanda and Mr. Philip)
  • 9:45a-10:15a Kindergarten (Ms. Darlene and Ms. Emmy)
  • 10:45a-11:15a: Kinder & 1st grade (Ms. Jamie, Ms. Liz and Ms. Vanessa)
  • 12:45p-1:15p: 2nd & 3rd grade (Ms. Dolly, Ms. Kathryn, Mr. Nick)


Only $405 away from our class goal! We can totally do this! And, there are a few people entering offline donations, so the zeros aren't really zeros and the totals will be higher soon. Thank you everybody for sending out your fundraising links!

Total as of 6:00pm on Monday: $18,500! 62% of our Goal. Please Keep on Going!

Get one of the new CWC Silver Lake T-Shirts!

Get a child's t-shirt for the walk-a-thon for free by raising $200 or more. The shirt will be delivered to your child's classroom once you hit this goal.

  • Shirts ordered (or won by raising $200) by Tuesday afternoon will be delivered on Wednesday to your child's class.
  • CWC T-shirts will also be on sale in front of the K/1 campus on Wednesday at pick up and Thursday before drop off. They are $15. Child's, Women's and Men's sizes available.

What is this fundraiser for?

This event benefits CWC Silver Lake and funds raised will go to the following:
  • Retaining a teacher’s assistant in every classroom
  • Maintaining dedicated teachers for art, PE and music
  • Maintaining a low student to teacher ratio (12:1)
  • Offering an affordable after school program for working parents
  • Offering a nutritious, accessible lunch program

Please register today and keep these great programs going! Find your link here.

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