Pete Rose

By: Logan Lacey

Not a Perfect Sport

Baseball is a great sport with great players. Not all of them are perfect though. Pete Rose is one of those bad decision makers.

Meet Pete Rose

Born April 14, 1941, Pete Rose came to the world in Cincinnati, Ohio. Rose didn't play the sports his dad played. According to, he played baseball and football in high school and signed with the Cincinnati Reds.
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After Career Suspicion

After his playing career, Rose made history with most career hits with 4,256 according to He was also a 17-time All-Star nominee. He ended up a coach for the Reds too, but had a suspicion. everyone thought he was gambling.

The Problem

No one else was involved, but Pete Rose was banned from baseball for life and not eligible for the Hall of Fame. Not only was this a sad and depressing time for Pete Rose himself, but to all his fans, family, and teammates.


Today, everyone has mixed feelings for him. Some people dislike him, and others think he should be granted another chance. You got to remember though: He's one of many other players that's made bad decisions such as Barry Bonds (steroids) or Mark McGwire (also steroids).

Pete Rose Today

Pete Rose now works for FOX sports as an analyst and broadcaster. Why even in this year's All-Star Game, Pete Rose got a warm welcome as he was introduced on the field of his former team, the Cincinnati Reds. He's especially trying to apologize to everyone he let down.
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The Question

Is Pete Rose truly sorry? That's a question only he can answer. But one thing for sure is that he's one of baseball's greatest stories.


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