Ian Mann


Salem's lot is a very interesting book with its many characters that are always moving and an interesting premise of vampires. The novel introduces the protagonist as just a man with no name. He travels with a child that is assumed to be his son, but is quickly revealed to not be related. They hear news of the old town the man lived in and that it has had a terrible fire. Ben Mears, the protagonist, decides to re visit his old town despite the reasons he left. After arriving to the town Salem's Lot, Ben Mears meets a young college graduate that he strikes up a romantic relationship with.

There are many mysteries throughout the novel that keep the reader interested and curious. The characters are unpredictable so the reader is kept guessing. I enjoyed reading Salem's Lot and would recommend it to readers that can get easily bored. Something new always happens.

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The setting is placed southern Maine, more specifically in the town of Jerusalem's Lot. The background story of how it got its name is because of a farm pig that got loose and ran into a forest(lot). The farm owner thus warned all travelers to stay outta Jerusalem's Lot. That name stuck and was eventually shortened to Salem's lot.