Charles Darwin

And His Theory of Evolution

Charles Darwin

Darwin was known for his work as a naturalist, and developing a theory of evolution as well. He traveled to the Glapagos Island, and discovered many things that changed our life today.

What Did Darwin Discover?

Darwin discovered many things at the Glapagos, many of them being animals. The animals he discovered were:

a) the Galapagose Turtle

b) Lizards

c) Finches

d) Penguins

e) Turtles

Darwin Museum displays stuffed rare species

Why Did Darwin Study at the Galapagos?

Darwin wanted to study certain species, and how they were different from other islands. He mainly focused on the tortoise and the finch.

What Did Darwin's Theory of Evolution State?

Darwin's Theory of Evolution states that evolution is primarily the result of environmental pressures that force the natural selection of characteristics that is occasionally produced by a genetic mutation in an individual organism.

How Did People React to Darwin's Theory?

Most of the criticism came from people of the church. Some people didn't really react to it, some people chose to ignore it, but some people accepted it. The people who ignored this theory hoped for that this information would not get out into the public.

Charles Darwin's Childhood

Charles Darwin grew up in an extremely wealthy family. He was well known, and honored. He grew up, and married his cousin. He had a very wild imagination as a child, and would create many stories. He was also a very developed child, and he is most famous for his theory of evolution.

Schools Darwin Studied At

Shrewsbury School

University of Cambridge

University of Edinburgh Medical School

University of Edinburgh

Christ's College, Cambridge

Darwin studied birds and medicine.