About Ebola

Ebola is a very rare and deadly illness,caused by infection of Ebola virus strains.Ebola is also known as,Ebola hemorrhagic fever.This disease can also be found in nonhuman primates such as,monkeys,gorillas,and chimpanzees.Ebola was first discoverd in 1976,near the Ebola river.Since this was discovered outbreaks have appeared in Africa.The reservoir host for Ebola hasn't been confirmed,but some scientist think that bats are the reservoir host for this virus.Ebola can be mainly found and Africa.2014 was the biggest outbreak for this illness,and its the first Ebola outbreak in West Africa.This outbreak is the first Ebola epidemic the world has ever known.


Symtoms of Ebola are,fever,severe headaches,muscle pain,abdominal pain,weakness,fatigue,diarrhea,vomiting,and unexplained bleeding or bruising.It can take these symtoms 2 to 21 days to appear,but the average is 8 to 10 days.There is no found FDA-approved vaccine or medicine that can cure Ebola.Symtoms of Ebola are treated as followed.Providing IV and balancing body salts,Maintaing blood pressure and oxygen level,and treating other infections if they occur.Cures for Ebola are still being tested,but scientist havent tested any that are safe,and effective to cure Ebola.To recover from Ebola you need to be in good care,and have to have a good immune system.If you recover from Ebola,you start to develop antibodies that can stay in your system for 10 years,maybe longer.

Age group

All age groups have been affected by this virus,but most patients are from the ages 15-59 years old.The case facility rate is 64%.
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