Creole Culture

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French explorers moved to the United States in the 17th century with their distinct customs, language, and government. The Spanish took over Louisiana in 1768. The French colonies that fled to Haiti were Creole. People from French and Spanish descent began to refer to themselves as Creole after the Louisiana Purchase.


The main religion associated with Creoles is Roman Catholicism. Today, only about half of the people in Louisiana are Catholics. Many Creole devotions include the Virgin Mary and especially Mardi Gras. Holy week is also observed by the Creole people.


The original language of the Creoles included French and Louisiana Creole. Caucasian Creoles often spoke French and African American Creoles often spoke Louisiana Creole. French is no longer spoke as it once was, mainly due to the increase of Americans from other states in New Orleans.


Creole cooking can range from a simple dish of red beans and rice to an exquisite dish as jambalaya. Creole meals are celebrations, not just a mean of curing hunger pains. Many uninteresting, primitive dishes are transformed into distinct masterpieces.


The music of Creole culture is French tradition with the influence of African music. Including the rhythm of the Caribbean and soulful melodies of blues. House dances were common as well as bringing in musicians to play until the early morning. The original instrument used was the fiddle and it was referred to as the old music.

The Creole fiddle

The time scale of the Creole fiddle tradition is unknown. One of the few early references to its history is of an African slave who was noted playing a fiddle in Virginia in the 1960's. Incoming slaves from Africa and the West Indies brought with them an impressive amount of music. They also knew European folk music, as well as opera and church hymns.
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Ban'biyo - Disk la rayé by PAND84

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