FISD Technology Workshops for Paras

Fall 2014

Super Saturday September 20th

Google Basics

Want to know how Google programs can help you work smarter? Come get an overview of all the Google tools and learn about Google Drive and Contacts and what they can do for you! Topics to be covered are: Google Drive overview & Google Drive organization, Google Docs, Spreadsheets, & Presentations, and Advanced Google searching techniques.

Advanced Google

Know the basics about Google but need to learn more? Come learn how to organize and collaborate with Google Calendar, take control of collecting information with Google Forms, and quickly create your own website with Google Sites. We’ll also see all the other great tools Google has to offer and how they can help you work smarter!. Topics to be covered are: Google Calendar, Google Forms, Google Sites overview, and other great Google tools, such as YouTube.

Face-to-Face District Workshops

App Me!

Have you seen some of the cool productivity app projects in the classroom? Join us for some hands-on experience with several of these fun apps.

Windows 7 Tips and Tricks

Come to the Windows 7 tips and tricks class to learn how to use features such as; Snipping Tool, Sticky Notes, Windows snapping and more much. You will amaze your co-workers with your Windows 7 skills. The class will be a 1 hour face to face session with a 1 hour credit given for completing a couple tasks you learned about in the course.

Chromebooks for Paraprofessionals

What exactly are these new-fangled Chromebook thingy-ma-bobbers anyway? We will learn the answer to those questions and many more in this technology integration workshop.

Basics of Google Docs (Word Processor)

Want to find ways Google Docs can help streamline things? Come learn how to upload, create, share and organize through Google Docs! Participants will attend this one hour training but will not receive the full 2 hour credit until they complete and submit a project.

Digital Publishing

Do you need to publish weekly bulletins, flyers or communicate with parents? In this workshop, we will show you a variety of tools that will allow you to shine online! Come join us in this one hour, hands-on, creative exploration! This workshop has a one hour face-to-face session with a project follow up for another hour of credit. No partial credit will be given.

Google Forms & Sheets

Do you send out emails, surveys, or paper forms and then have piles of emails or paper to sort through in order to view the responses? If so, Google Forms and Spreadsheets may be the perfect tool for you! Collect RSVPs, run a survey, collect information from staff, etc. with a simple online form. In this workshop, you will learn how to create a form, share the link with your staff, and sort and analyze the data in the Google spreadsheet in a matter of minutes. Participants will come to a face to face training on Oct. 9th but will not receive the two hours of credit until the activity requirement is fulfilled.

Google Presentations

Learn how to create and present a Google Presentation. We will cover topics including uploading and converting from PPT, editing text, inserting media, good presentation tips and more. 2 hours credit = 1 hour face-to-face session AND 1 hour credit earned for completing a couple tasks you learned about in the course. No partial credit will be granted.

Face-to-Face 1 Hour Liberty Workshops

Moodle/Student Learning Hub Basics

Come learn the basics on how to set up and manage a simple Moodle course in the FISD Student Learning Hub. We will add labels to the front page, change the format of our course, add links & files including videos, create groups, and learn a couple of cool tricks.

Google 1 (Basics)

Are you ready to dive in and learn what all this “Google stuff” is about? Explore the basics of your Google Drive account including creating, uploading, converting, sharing, organizing and downloading files.