A Guide to Bunburying

By Jalen

What is Bunburying?

Bunburying is a way to live a double life. Have you got a feeling in which you want to escape and go be someone else? Well bunburying makes that become possible.

Why would someone want to Bunbury?

Bunburying gives an oppurtunity to get away from your real life. Well lets say your wife gets frustrated with you right? If you go Bunbury you can get another family or do what you want to do with your life such as go and get some women, get away from your marriage, and just to become someone new.

Steps for Bunburying...

If Bunburying interest you then you will to take the following steps to be able to Bunbury. You will need to have separate houses or apparments. If you have a wife in your real life and you don't in your other life than make sure you have your wedding ring off when your going out. Make sure you have 2 phones one for your personal life and one for your Bunburyist life. Also have different bank accounts, and different passports for yourself. In your Bunburyist life you would need to have some different type of wardrobe and maybe even some facial hair(If needed).

Encountering any problems with Bunburying?

Now there is a price to pay for Bunburying sometimes and there are 3 specific problems that I have noticed in some Bunburying if your not prepared. First, you could be on your way to a bar with a mistress in other words another woman and running into your wife. Second, is when you might go on a trip to Europe and go to Real Madrid, Spain with your real family and you pull out the wrong passport. The third problem is that you back to your house with the real family and you don't know that you got the wrong phone and your girlfriend from your Bunburyist life starts calling you and you don't look who it is and you answer your cell phone and wife catches you taliking to her.

Precautionary solutions that prevent possible problems

From the wide variety of problems that could occur here are three ways to prevent problems to occur. Keep items that are at your work, your real life, and your Bunburyist life in a separate section. Second, make a check list of the thing you'll need for today only and also keep calendars of who and where you need to be each day. Last but not least keep your 2 identities to have the same initials so you don't get confused.