Leveraging Digital Resources

To support learning & instruction in & out of the classroom

Library digital resources

Each district in the W-FL region has access to multiple online subscription resources curated by your school librarians and the W-FL BOCES School Library System. These resources can be shared with families and students for use at home or at school. To get the link for your district's resources, contact your school librarian and/or SLS @ slssupport@wflboces.org.

Media Library Digital Resources

If your district participates in the Media Library CoSer, your students, staff and families have access to video streaming, ebook and audiobook platforms such as Sora & Learn 360 that can be used to support remote learning. For more information, ask your school librarian or SLS @ slssupport@wflboces.org.

New York State Digital Resources

Videos, articles, lessons, activities and more for all teachers & preK-12 students in New York; these online resources do not require a password and can be used from home or school anywhere in New York State. Click below for access!
Day-by-Day NY

A collection of ebooks, activities and songs to support early literacy at home made available through the NYS library. The New York State Library is a program of the Office of Cultural Education in NYSED.

NOVEL NY Resources

Digital resources provided by the New York State library, available to all NYS citizens that includes Brittanica School, Brittanica Escolar, Kids Infobits, Gale in Context and more!

PBS Kids

Online games, videos, activities featuring favorite characters like Clifford, Pinkalicious and more!

PBS Learning Media

WXXI and PBS have curated FREE, standards-aligned videos, interactives, lesson plans, and more just for New York teachers like you. Videos be used to support distance learning opportunties.

Statistics in Schools: K-12 resources

Find activities specially designed to be engaging and appropriate for your students' grade level, from counting for kindergarteners to examining career statistics for high schoolers.

Statistics in Schools: Pre-K

Entertain and educate young children with a storybook, song, and interactive activities in English or Spanish that involve counting and learning about their community

COVID-19 Resources

Share these digital resources with staff, students and families to help educate and inform students about the Coronavirus with reliable, credible sources. These sites include social media buttons, badges, posters, lessons, activities and more that can help communicate with students and families.