Super man law firm

Time to get right in the court room

Plaintiff story

You are the plaintiff in this case, and I would like to know if you have any evidence against
the defendant and why you are sewing Mr. Marsh. "This get more girls than me and I had one leaving with me and then he took just like that".

The Defendant story

"Look man it's not my fault that you aint got no juice, and it was the lady's choice on who she wanted to leave with, so why you mad". It seems to me Mr. Marsh you don't got the juice....You got that sauce. "Judge know what I'm talking about"

Stop Complaining

I can tell by your face Mr. Batman that you have an complaint about the solution we are about to come too. Do you have anything too say? "Cant you see that this guy is a not right for you. I got more guap than him and more followers on Instagram so why did you choice him over me".

Yo head look like A kneecap

Ms. Bat girl how do you fit into all these. "Will I was the one that went home with Mr. Marsh
and Batman didn't have enough juice for me, plus Batman head look like a kneecap".
Ms. Bat girl you do know that you are a summons right so why are you seating behind Mr. Marsh.

Still mad bruh?

"I am pleading that you leave this court room with me please. sob sob". " You must be really thirsty if you still trying to get with me". " The woman's mind is made up man why cant you just leave her alone". "Why aren't you happy for her".