Nazi Germany

By: Boubacar Diallo

Who, what, when, where, why, how...

Nazi Germany was one of the strongest army group in World War 2. The Nazi party was leaded by Adolf Hitler. Their goal was to control the whole world. Their economy suffered because of the reparations payments required under the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, which caused the creation of the party. Germany was transformed into a fascist totalitarian state Hitler’s rules. The group had the total control of Germany from 1933 to 1945 at the end of the war. They wanted power and be the leader of the world. They persuaded the population of Germany to believe that they will take them out of poverty. The people felt for it and gave Nazi Germany the biggest and strongest army at the time.

Nazi Germany's Flag

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Adolf Hitler (Leader of the Nazi Party)

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From others point of view, Nazi Germany was just people who wants to kill innocent people. Americans believed that Germany was evil. Germany or the German people believed the opposite. Their belief was that they are doing the right thing, they believed that they had the right to do it. Most of the world was against The Nazi party. They viewed them as bad guys and people who only care about hurting others. Nazi Germany thought they were doing was right. From their perspectives, this is the only way to build their economy back. They made people believe that they are going to help them. From the Jews perspectives, The Nazi party was worst group of people ever. They killed the Jews, put them in concentration camps which makes the Jews have a different perspectives about the party.

Jews During the Holocaust

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How did this Event become Controversial

It became controversial when some of the Nazi’s army realized what they were doing wasn't worth it. At first, they thought they were doing the right thing for their people, but then they realized that they are only murdering people. They were mostly doing it because they had no choice, their economy was down this was the only way to save themselves and their family. The Media made everyone believe what they were doing was right, No one had the power to against Hitler's opinion in Germany. They were scared so they what they are told to do not what they want to do.
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Marxist & Feminist Criticism

This event included Marxist criticism because there is a have and a have not. The people didn't have anything to help them and their families which caused them to join the group. Adolf Hitler used what he got, because he knows they don’t have that, so he used it as his advantage by promising to help them in the long run. Women were excluded from all positions of responsibility controlled by Nazi Germany at the time. Their thoughts were that women won’t win the war so they had to be excluded. Women only had a limited right to training revolving around domestic tasks.


From what I heard and seeing, I believe that the Nazi party was wrong. The way that they were killing innocent Jews, put them in concentration camps made me believe they weren't doing the right thing. They only hated Jews because they believed Jews are the ones that are against them.