Lord of the Rings

Comparing modern day literature to Greek mythology

The Lord of the Rings

The Lord of the Rings takes place in Middle Earth, where orcs, dragons, humans, and elves live. The protagonist of the story, Frodo, is a hobbit. A hobbit is a miniature human with a big heart. Hobbits are usually a peace;loving race who don't adventure anywhere and relax. But four teenagers (including Frodo) get tangled in a great adventure with the company of a wizard, an elf, a human, and a dwarf, which leads to loss and suffering, but the prize at the end of the road is worth it.

Connections between new and old literature

The Lord of the Rings can be compared to many novels written in ancient times. Frodo's struggles and predicament are almost the identical to those who are heroes Greek mythology. He embargoes on a great journey, as do Theseus and Pereseus. He and Pereseus both have a magic weapon, and both Hercules and Frodo's mental toughness is tested on their journeys.

More connections/comments

Frodo to me is the ideal hero. He has many archetypal hero traits. He experiences a traumatic event when his uncle leaves and gives him an evil ring, he then goes on a quest and leaves his home, only he is allowed to wear the ring, and he has supernatural help from a wizard.