Help The Green Turtle

Stop and Help

Where Do They Live ?

These friendly creature live all over the world in the sea also known as World-wide. They live in the Atlantic Ocean, Pacific Ocean, and indian Ocean. They'll never go to the Arctic Ocean because the climate would be too cold for their shells and body temperature.

What is the Climate like?

Well the ocean has different temperature water because there are different levels in the ocean. But mostly the Green Turtles in the Sunlight zone and Twilight Zone. But mostly it'll be sunny and warm but during winter it'll be cold and freezing. They'll travel to warmer water around the world.

Green Turtles around the world.

There mostly in the Pacific Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. But they do live in the Indian Ocean. Well you can say they are world-wide.

How many species remains of the Green Turtle?

In the late 1970s there about 30,000 Green Turtles but in 2002 it drop 70% because of the torture and habitat loss of the Green Turtles. So now there about in 2015 there are only a few in the world they kept in captivity to help them increase there population.

Why are they Endanger?

They swim in the ocean peacefully but then fishing nets are in the ocean the the turtles swim into them and get caught in them. They die off them and then there habitat are loss or destroy. People hunt them for there shells and make profit out of them then they can make turtle soup out of there inners and meat.

How to help the sea turtles?

You can help by not loitering and polluting the water. If you pollute a river it'll go to the ocean and a turtle could be tangle in the trash in the water. People has made many organization to help the sea turtles which is very helpful but slowly working. They keep the turtles as baby and send them off to the ocean. If everyone at least try to save the sea turtles it'll be better and this world would be easier.