Cheap Acres Means a lot of Takers

Price per acre: 12.5 cents!

Kaitlyn's Colony

This colony has beautiful rolling plains that are great for farming. There is a lot of lumber for building houses and it's located right in between the Brazos and Colorado Rivers which means there is plenty of water. It is well removed from the Comanches and has many wild animals for hunting. If you are raising livestock the grass is green and fresh for them to eat.

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Only 12.5 cents per acre! In the U.S.A it's $1.25 per acre

People Wanted

We would really like people who are hardworking and dedicated yo their work. They need to promise their loyalty to the Spanish government and respect their laws, religion, and traditions. The people need to be ranchers and farmers and have to be honest.We would also like some blacksmiths and doctors.

This colony is going to turn out great if we all work together and do what we are supposed too.

Where to send the application

Of you would like a chance to come and live in this wonderful colony, send you application to New Orleans, Louisianna

Amount of Land Per Individual

You can get a lot for just a little. Think of much land you can own with less then half of the cost in the U.S.A.

Individual- 340 acres

Husband and Wife- 660 acres

Children- 160 acres

Slave- 80 acres

People Not Wanted

We have really struck rules about the people who come into this colony. We can't have people who just sit around and do nothing, or people who are going to ruin the colony's reputation .

We don't want any ...

~No Drunks

~No Gamblers

~No Profane Swears

~No Idlers