By: Lindsey Rennhack


The karankawas lived in the coastal plains of Texas. The coastal plains is the plains that have ocean.


The karankawas ate Fish. Since they were in the coastal plains of Texas i guess they could catch the fish then eat it.

How was their food obtained?

The Karankwas would would catch the fish in bays in texas, Galveston, East bay, Turtle bay, Trinity bay etc.

Type of dweling they lived?

They lived in small huts made of long sapling tree trunks or limbs bent over or tied together.

Weapons and Tools they used?

Their most famous weapon hat they used was the long bow. Some tools they used are knives, scrapers, and of course arrow and spear points made of flint and chert stone.


Families would get together by using smoke signals. The smoke signals were used for events and also sometimes for war.


Most Karankwas were catholic. According to some sources, the Karankwas practiced ritual cannibalism of blood enemies, in common with other coastal tribes of Texas and Louisiana.

Organization of Leadership

They were led by a chief and they were nomadic people

Where are they located now or what became of them?

They lived along the gulf coast and moved every few weeks after using up the food in their area. 300 years after being the first native Americans to meet the Europeans they disappeared 300 years later.

Unique facts or characteristics?

They lived by hunting, fishing, and gathering. They traveled by water in large canoes. They would use smoke signals to send messages to one another over a distance.

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