Saturn- The Ringed Planet

By Hafsa Shafi 6C

Quick & Cool Facts

  • Saturn's size : 58,232 km radius

  • Distance from sun: 1,433,000,000 km

  • Saturn's length of rotation:1.4 billion km

  • Length of day: 10 h 39 mins

  • Length of year: 29 (earth) years

  • Number of moons: 62 awesome moons

  • Mostly made of: Frozen Gas / Hydrogen

  • Who discovered it:Galileo Galilei

  • How it got the name:Named after the Roman god of time (Saturn) this is perhaps why the slowest (in orbit around the Sun) of the five bright planets was named after him.

  • How long would it take to get to the planet by shuttle: 3.6 (earth) years

  • It's largest moon: Titan a.k.a. Second largest moon in the Solar System

  • Saturn has no solid ground

  • It is so dense that it could float on water!


If you are looking for fun, why not visit the rings? Saturn's most famous roller coaster (Ring-Mania) is the fastest roller coaster in the entire Solar System! Not only that, Ring-Mania also has a great view of the Milky Way too! If you want some peace and relaxation time, I suggest one of the 62 moons. The most popular moon to visit is Titan. Since it is the second largest moon in the Solar System, and the largest moon in all of Saturn, it attracts quite a few visitors. It's almost always booked for picnics so you better start booking!

Weather Report

Daily Average Temperature is -168 degrees Celsius

Saturn is pretty great but every good thing has comes with a price right? On this marvelous planet there are quite a few hurricanes, so when visiting stay alert! It goes up to 531 km per hour! It's also pretty cold there, I mean -168 degrees ? If that's not cold I don't know what is! But I guess if you're a fan of cold then this this is the place for you. If you're not a fan that's okay too. it's nothing a few layers of clothing won't fix.

How Does Saturn Compare To Earth



Size:120,000 km

Distance from sun:1,433,000,000 km

Number of Moon:62 moons

Orbital period:29 years

Radius:58,232 km

Mass: 568.3E24 kg

Gravity:10.44 m/s²


Size:12,000 km

Distance from sun:149,600,000 km

Number of Moon:1 moon

Orbital period:365 days

Radius:6,371 km

Mass: 5.972E24 kg

Gravity:9.807 m/s²

Travel Essentials

If you are just coming from Mars, you might have to adjust. I advise some heavy winter clothing. If you are a human, you should bring oxygen tanks.Although there are oxygen-like particles on Saturn, you can never be too sure. Also, you might want to bring some food and water.Since there probably aren't many hamburgers or french fries on Saturn, you need to supply your own food.