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Issue No. 1


A little longer than usual....

Coming back from summer, this issue has a little more than is typical for these newsletters. You will find reminders, useful tools, notices, and a guardian/parent - student book recommendation. If you have the time, please check it all out!
Haddonfield Virtual Wellness Room

A place to go when you're stressed out, bummed, or feeling not yourself and need some resources to help reset yourself.

Confidentiality Reminder

Students can come talk about anything! It can be every day things or extreme things.
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Returning from Summer Reminder

We usually see more incidents of vaping in September when we return from summer break. We can extrapolate that this means students increase their vaping activity over the summer and experience some level of difficulty separating from/or withdrawal when they return to a controlled school setting.
To the left is a flyer for a youth quit group.

We also anticipate, after looking at last year's trends, an increase in cannabis/marijuana use. Please reach out if you need support in how to address this with your kiddo.

Can't Stop Won't Stop Breathing

Lock Up The (Pet) Meds

Camden County issued a warning in June that Xylazine (veterinary tranquilizer) has been increasingly prevalent in illicit opioid supply. It's also a good reminder that kids may not realize medicine for non-human animals isn't always safe for humans. Keep eyes on all meds in the house, not just the human ones.

Below is a GIF showing what you need to do if you see or suspect Xylazine use
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Read this WITH your kiddo!

This book, High, was written by a father and son. Nic is an addict in recovery and David is his father. They get very real about their own experiences as a family, they interview other young addicts, and they talk about drugs.

What are the different kinds of drugs? What happens if you take them? What does it feel like to take them? What does it feel like to come down from them? What if you mix them?

How do you know you're addicted? How do you know your kid is addicted? What is withdrawal like? How do you find treatment? What is treatment ACTUALLY like? Are any types of treatment more effective?

If you have a middle or high school aged child who you believe may be curious, experimenting, already using, or in danger - then I highly recommend this book. It may be best to read & discuss together, to facilitate honest and meaningful (&surprising) conversations together. It's a super fast read and written to be able to hold the teenage attention.

Being Proactive

Trigger Warning Database

If there is certain content you may be sensitive to, check books here before reading

Does The Dog Die (a trigger warning database)

If there is certain content you may be sensitive to, check movies, tv shows, and more here before starting.

Safety Plan

SAMHSA provides free safety plan templates to use when in crisis or as a preventative conversation starter

Teen Mental Health Temperature Check

Newport Academy is offering a guide on how to do a mental health temperature check w/ your teen using 10 questions. Newport Academy also offers ways to incorporate evidence based "temperature" lowering activities into your teen's life and routine.

Take It Down

Website dedicated to removing exploitive images of minors.

Megan Thee Stallion's site for Mental Health Resources

CAUTION: the website title and linked song both use language deemed inappropriate. Resource for: therapy, BIPOC specific resources, free therapy, suicide, crisis, substance use, LGBTQIA+, & more

Do you have a student you feel needs to meet with me? Print and fill out this referral form and send it to me.

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