Padbury CPS Newsletter

Issue #19 - 26 November 2021


Mercy: Be thoughtful, warm and respectful in all you do and say


Padbury Catholic Primary School is an education community committed to following in the footsteps of Jesus, living our motto ‘Love One Another’ (John 13:34)


Our Vision is to educate the whole child, Inspiring Hearts and Minds, to become faith-filled, creative, life-long learners through meaningful and innovative experiences.


Our Vision comes to life through our core values which are inspired by the Gospels and our Mercy charism: Compassion; Service; Mercy; Justice; Dignity; Hospitality; Stewardship; Excellence



Please check the community calendar for upcoming and future dates as the calendar is regularly updated.


St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal

Our St. Vincent de Paul Christmas Appeal will run until 1st December. Thank you in anticipation of your support.

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What a beautiful family mass we celebrated together on the 14 November. It was wonderful to see so many families participating and joining in the liturgy. Big thanks to parents Liz de Haas, Kate Allen, Natalie Bullen and Emma Marpole for organising the special mass and to all who have volunteered to take part.

Dates for your diary

Thanksgiving Prayers and Farewell Assembly Friday 3 December at 2pm. Parents are most welcome to join us.

Advent Prayers and Carol sing-a-long 6 December at 9am. Children are invited to come dressed in Christmas theme or Christmas colours on this day. Parents are most welcome to join us.

Carols by Candlelight

· Carols by Candlelight Thursday 9 December 6-8pm at Our Lady of the Mission Parish on the oval right near the church. Kindy, Pre primary, Yr 1 &Yr 2 and our Yr 3-6 Choir will be performing on the night and will need to be in attendance. Please keep an eye out on Seesaw for further details from you class teacher, and co ordinators Mrs Cusack and Mrs Woodall. All children from PCPS are invited to attend with their families, enjoy carol singing, a picnic, sausage sizzle and food vans.

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2021 Christmas Eve Outdoor Mass Nativity Play

OLM Parish is looking for children to be involved in the Nativity Play, which is a feature of the Parish Christmas Eve Mass on the oval near the church.

Those children who feel they would like to a reading, and/or play the parts of Mary, Joseph, herald, innkeepers, shepherds and angels are invited to a practice on SATURDAY 18TH DECEMBER AT 10AM. Meet on the oval side of the church. Characters will be chosen from those present at the practice.

All children are welcome to join.

Enquiries: Leanne Fragomeni 0424 584 460 or


I have been busy reading reports and all the children have been working extremely hard and should be very proud of their efforts. I am sure that the children will be rewarded by receiving reports which will reflect their wonderful efforts. Reports will be available on SEQTA on Friday 10 December. Should you wish to meet with teachers regarding your child’s report you can arrange a 10-minute meeting with them on Thursday 16 December.


At PCPS we have a thorough handover procedure between the staff for the end of the year and also a transition programme for all classes which has been highly beneficial. This will take place on 3 December.

Children will move up a year level for the morning and spend some time with year level teachers. The Pre-primary classes will have additional parts to their transition programme to ensure that the children have been well prepared for the move to the ‘big part of the school’.

Mrs Fisher, our social worker, will also be on hand to assist, not only at the beginning of the year but also during the year, with transitioning.

Classes 2022

Teachers will soon be looking at class groupings for 2022. Many factors are considered when selecting class placements for students and each child’s best interests are the main priority when these decisions are made. Class placements are a team decision made in consultation with both the year level teachers. Teachers spend a lot of time and give great consideration to the placement of children and I believe that their professionalism should be respected. Consideration for placement is made using the following criteria: Gender; Pastoral/Social/Emotional; Special Needs e.g. special education, twins, etc; Academic ability; Relationships.

Every effort is made to place children where it is felt they will have the greatest opportunity to succeed. All teachers at PCPS are very professional and of an excellent standard and children will receive a high quality of education no matter which class they are placed with. If your child has special pastoral needs which may need consideration, please ensure that you have made a time to meet with your child’s class teacher before Monday morning 29 November. Parents should understand that requests for particular placement cannot be guaranteed. Requesting a certain teacher is not a consideration. Once class groupings are finalised they will not be changed so please do not contact the teachers, Leadership Team or the office after the cut-off date nor once you receive details about your child’s class.

It is good for families to know placements for the following year so that they are able to arrange for children to get together over the holidays if they wish. Parents will be notified of their child’s teacher via SEQTA at 4:00pm on Thursday 16 December.

If your child is not returning to PCPS in 2022 please advise the office in writing before 26 November.

Pre Kindy and Kindy 2022

We welcomed our beautiful Kindy 2022 children and parents to PCPS last week and this week we welcome 2022 Pre Kindy families to our school for their orientation day and parent session. Our Pre Kindy (3yr old) list is growing fast for 2022 so if you would like to secure a place for your child please contact Mrs Ellen at the school office to enrol your child. If you have friends or neighbours with children who would be ready for Pre Kindy, please encourage them to enrol.

We are currently enrolling for Pre Kindy and Kindy 2022, 2023, 2024 and beyond so please get your application in for your child as soon as possible.

There are limited vacancies in other year levels in 2022 so if you know of anyone looking for a position, please recommend our beautiful school.

P&F Thanks

Last Wednesday evening we held our Annual General Meeting for the Catholic School Advisory Council (formerly School Board) and Catholic School Parents WA (CSPWA) (formerly P&F) and our Volunteer Thank You Supper.

There is a great team of parents who make up our very enthusiastic and keen Catholic School Parents WA committee.

Thank you to the Catholic School Parents WA Executive 2021:

I thank the Executive for their outstanding effort this year and for the past three years as they are all retiring from their roles this year.

Special thankyou to Susan Kadak for all your great work as President once again this year and for the past three years. Your never-ending enthusiasm, dedication and support to Padbury CPS is very much appreciated.

Many thanks to Ella Pearce in the role of Vice President. Your support this year and for the past three years has been wonderful and I would like to thank you for all your contributions in this role and for being a great support to Susan and the Executive.

Thankyou to Sally Kelly for your great work once again this year and for the past three years as Treasurer. Your financial expertise and commitment is always very much appreciated.

Thankyou to Romina Cangelosi for being so efficient and organised in your role as Secretary this year and for keeping us updated with minutes and agendas.

This year we have continued to be fortunate to be surrounded by a keen, positive and truly vibrant P&F committee who continue to give so much of their time to lead a range of portfolios. This year we have had portfolios of - Padbury Cares, Icy Pole Days, School Photos, Bogan Bingo, Ladies Market, Book Fair, Book Club, Faith and Education Family Mass, U r Strong; Sausage Sizzles, Mother and Father’s Day breakfast/morning tea, Family Fun Night, Disco, EFL, Sort/Poker Night and Camp event, car park raffle. Big thanks to all Class Reps too for your continual support and being a link with the parents.

All P&F Catholic School Parents WA Portfolio holders and committee members have worked together seamlessly as a team to enrich our school community and provide for the children, staff and parents. I thank you for all your hard work in organizing a variety of spiritual, social, fundraising and parent education events this year – a brilliant effort.

I would like to say a special thank you to Kylie Giles for operating the uniform shop so smoothly again this year and keeping families supplied with their requirements.

I look forward to working with the P&F Catholic School Parents WA in 2022 -

Cathy Farrell - President

Megann Hunt – Vice President

Sara Da Rui – Secretary

Severine Gibson - Treasurer

Advisory Council Thanks

My sincere thanks to all 2021 Catholic School Advisory Council members for your contribution and dedication during the year.

My sincere gratitude and thanks to Father Cyprian. His spiritual guidance of our students and staff and all in the parish is very much appreciated. Padbury Catholic Primary has a strong relationship with the parish, and it continues to grow with the support of our wonderful parish priest who has always been so obliging with our initiatives this year. Father Cyprian’s words of encouragement are truly appreciated. We also extend our sincere thanks to Father Francis.

Special thanks to Brigid Frederickson, Parish RE Co ordinator, for her coordination of the parish based sacramental program, which has been excellent. Brigid is so supportive of our school community and we look forward to working with her in the new year.

Particular thanks to Brad Schrader for his work on the School Catholic School Advisory Council for the past six years and for undertaking the role of Chair once again this year. Your dedication and support have been very much appreciated and I thank you for your expertise and generosity of time in overseeing the up-and-coming building project.

Thank you to Gianni Da Rui for all his work on the Catholic School Advisory Council this year and for taking on the role of Vice Chair and for his great support of the Leadership Team and generosity of time in overseeing the Master Plan of PCPS.

To Sheree Merry, Catholic School Advisory Council Treasurer, thank you for your valued input and dedication in reviewing the finances of the school for the past three years and for working closely with Denise Davis, Finance Officer, and the Finance Committee. Your generosity of time is very much appreciated.

Thank you to Richard Haynes for taking on the role of Secretary this year and for ensuring that we are all organised with minutes and agendas and for giving your time to undertake the tasks.

Thank you to Meg Horne for your role as P&F Rep for the last four years and for keeping the Catholic School Advisory Council, updated on all P&F events and activities during the year.

Thank you to Emma Marpole for your great work in the role of Parish Rep for the past two years and for keeping the Catholic School Advisory Council updated on all Parish events and activities this year.

Thankyou also to Peter McKenzie for your contribution on the Catholic School Advisory Council for the past four years. Your knowledge and expertise have been appreciated.

My sincere thanks to all 2021 Catholic School Advisory Council members for your contribution and dedication during the year and for always having the children at the forefront of your decisions. Your commitment has been very much appreciated.

Brad, Peter, Emma, Sheree are all retiring from their positions this year and I welcome the new Advisory Council for 2022 -

Gianni Da Rui (President)

Meg Horne (Vice President)

Richard Haynes (Secretary)

Haydn Hesford (Treasurer)

Susan Kadak (P&F Rep)

Liz De Haas (Parish Rep))

Casey Gallagher (AC member)

Dan Sorgiovanni (AC member)

Advisory Council Objectives for 2022

Strategic Plan elements come through the school’s Annual School Improvement Plan – ongoing.

Capital Works

• Continuation of playground upgrades

• Pre-primary / Kindy/ Pre Kindy external alternations and upgrade

• Pre Kindy – Year 6 internal amenities upgrade and refurbishment

As per CEWA Ltd direction, there will be a 2% increase in fees only next year.

Annual School Improvement Plan 2022

Catholic Identity


Linking Reach Out With Love project to Mercy

Promote and educate about the work of the Mercy sisters

Catherine McAuley incursion

Engagement with Sisters of Mercy

Eyes for Mercy song at each Mercy Value Award

Christian Service

Develop a plan for Christian Service (e.g. develop a relationship with an aged care facility)

Staff participation in Christian Service eg St Vincent de Paul, Care Packs, volunteering


Focus on 5 Teaching Practices:

Quality Relationships

Instructional range

Learning design

Place, space and technology


Consolidate Literacy


Focus on Mathematics learning area

Focus on Grammar and Punctuation and Spelling

Further develop roles of Key Teachers - Literacy, Mathematics, Early Childhood Education & Technologies

Early Childhood Education

Create planning documents for indoor/outdoor learning experiences

Develop a more nature-based area of the outdoor space

Upskill on intentional play based outdoor learning areas

Network with other school re indoor/outdoor areas

National Outdoor Classroom Day

Loose Parts Play

Aboriginal Education


Wadjuk Mentor

Reflect and review using Cultural Competencies


Playgrounds – complete redevelopment

Complete ‘Welcome Courtyard’

Complete whole Behaviour Management Plan

Whole school faction token system

Open Day


Capital Development Plan – PK-PP indoor/outdoor upgrades

Continue classroom furniture upgrades




Sustainability Charter

Waste Wise

Litter Rangers volunteers and awards

Whole school rubbish collection plan

Upgrade chicken coop

Plastics – review and plan

Information Technology

ICT Plan

Interactive Board installations


The Advisory Council (formerly known as School Board) would like to thank those families who have paid their school fees and are up to date. Should you have any outstanding fees, these are to be finalised by 30 November (unless other arrangements have been made). As per the school fee policy, the Advisory Council Finance Committee may take action to recover any unpaid fees through a debt collection agency which may in turn affect your future credit ratings. There are a number of methods in which families at the school can pay their school fees. These include credit card, EFTPOS, cash, cheque, direct debit and internet banking. Please see the Finance Officer, Mrs Denise Davis at the school office for further details.

Please see the end of the newsletter for a list of 2022 staffing.

Have a lovely weekend with your families.

Mrs Margaret Williamson



Volunteers Needed Please

Attention wonderful parents!

If there are any parents who would be able and willing to assist our lovely groundsman, Christophe to install a shed in our Pre-Kindy playground during January, please email Mrs Ellen in our Front Office before the end of the term. It should only take a couple of hours. Your assistance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Semester 2 Reports

Semester 2 Reports will be uploaded to SEQTA Engage in Week 9 on Friday 10th December @ 3:30pm. This is for Pre-Primary to Year 6 families only.

It is important that you please check your login for SEQTA Engage as early as possible so that you will be able to access your child's report at the end of this term. To do this go to the following site: and use your current username and password credentials.

If you have remembered your username but have forgotten your password, please click on the “Forgot your password” link and an immediate email will be sent to you. The email will expire within one hour, so please action this immediately. If you have forgotten both of these, please contact and we can remind you of your username.

If you are new to the school (PP-6), please contact to receive a Welcome Email which will guide. you to create an account.


2022 Kindy – Year 6 Booklists are now available on our school website -

Please note the order closing date is Friday 10th December. Teachers will send home any remaining resources for students by Friday 3rd December so you can take stock and consider what is required from the booklist for 2022.

Year 6 Leadership in 2022

Announcing our Year 6 Student Councillors for 2022 - earlier this term, students and staff voted for the sports faction captains and the students listed their preferences for the other leadership positions. Each ministry runs for a semester and then students swap. We look forward to seeing our 2021 Year 6's flourish in their Leadership Roles.
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2022 Sacramental Dates

Please see below for 2022 Sacramental Dates. Should any of these change, parents will be notified.
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Thought for the week

Have a wonderful fortnight ahead - can you believe there are only 2 weeks of term remaining!

Mr vB & Mrs Hutcheson

Assistant Principals


Feisty Roosters & Quiet Lambs: How temperament & more can affect our common sense parenting - online with Maggie Dent

Every child ever born lands on this planet with a pre-defined temperament. The better we understand WHO our children are, the better we can parent them.

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This event is for anyone who lives or works with children, toddlers to teens. They go live at 8pm (AEDT) Wed 8th December or you can watch the replay whenever suits you. Included in the ticket price are some bonus gifts and a comprehensive PDF handout... and you get lifetime access, all for $30.

Feisty Roosters & Quiet Lambs: How temperament & more can affect our (

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Ali Fisher

Social Worker


Last Orders & January Open TImes

Please see information below regarding the uniform shop:

  • The last date for Flexischools uniform orders to be delivered to the classroom is Wednesday 1 December.
  • The last trading day for the uniform shop will be Friday 3 December.
  • Uniform collection prior to the start of 2022 school year for Flexischools orders will be Monday 24 January from 10-11am and Friday 28 January between 3-4pm at the shop
  • The shop will be open on Monday 24 January from 10-11am and Friday 28 January between 3-4pm for any people needing to try things on etc.

Kylie Giles

Uniform Shop Manager

Coming soon in 2022.......Electronic Property Tagging

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Parish Update

Parish & PCPS &WCPS combined Carols by Candlelight: December 9th at 6.00pm on the oval.

Mass Times

All Masses are held in the Church

Saturday - 8:30am; 6:30pm

Sunday - 8:00am; 9:30am; 11:00am; 5:45pm

Monday to Friday - 7:00am; 9:00am

24:7 Youth Group

For all youth in Years 6 to 12

1st and 3rd Friday @ Parish Hall, 7pm

Call Luke 0401822932 for more information.

Rev Fr Cyprian M Shikokoti - PP

Our Lady of the Mission, Parish Website :

Staffing 2022

Padbury CPS 2022

Leadership Team

Principal: Mrs Margaret Williamson

Assistant Principal: Mrs Loretta Hutcheson

Assistant Principal: Mr Ryan von Bergheim

Pre-Kindy: Mrs Megan Finlay

Education Assistant: Mrs Heidi Mullen

Kindergarten: Mrs Rachel Wood

Education Assistants: Mrs Anna Mammoliti Mrs Elsie Soemya/

Mrs Isabel Stubber

Pre-Primary: Mrs Kathryn Carter, Mrs Natalie Millar

Education Assistants: Mrs Trish Penny, Mrs Lyn Sharpe/

Mrs Isabel Stubber

Year 1: Mrs Donelle Wright, Ms Natasa Bebich

Year 2: Mrs Roberta Perkov & Mrs Hutcheson (Wed) Miss Rebecca Vester

Year 3: Mrs Dianne Holness, Mr Carlton Dias

Year 4: Ms Stephanie Wilson, Mrs Renee Babac

Year 5: Mrs Alisia Capriotti, Mr Mark Randazzo

Year 6: Mrs Megan Woodall & Mr Ryan von Bergheim (Thur), Mrs Deb Barry

Learning Support Mrs Liz Johnston, Mrs Lisa Hawkins

Extension: Mrs Rosalba Bottega

Music: Mrs Sylvia Cusack (Sarah La Galia – Term 1)

Physical Education: Mr John Hignett

Science: Mrs Britt Ewen, Mr John Hignett

Drama /Art: Mrs Tamara Bastow

Italian: Signora Chiara Mazzero

Education Assistants: Mrs Vicki Jayawardene, Mrs Marg Eccles, Mrs Andrea Cruse,

Mrs Nicole Sadowski, Mrs Anna-Maria Williams, Mrs Dallas Hall, Mrs Taryn Maier,

Mr Jordan Marcello, Miss Tahlie Wansborough

Library Officer: Mrs Marg Eccles

Social Worker: Mrs Ali Fisher

Finance Officer: Ms Maureen Lloyd

Admin Officers: Mrs Amanda Ellen Mrs Helen Hughes

ICT Support: IT Dynamics

Grounds: Mr Christophe Regnard

On leave

Continued Parental leave Alicia Randazzo

Mrs Remigio will be going on parental leave next year

Mrs Davis will be enjoying a year off

Mrs Cusack has long service leave in Term 1 and Mr Dias will be on long service leave for Term 1&2

We wish the above staff an enjoyable break


OSH Club

Holiday Program:

  1. Monday 20th - Thursday 23rd December 2021
  2. Monday 10th - Friday 28th January 2022 (note Wednesday 26th January is a Public Holiday and OSH will be closed)
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