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May 15, 2020


Dear Parents:

We have come a long way and have made it to the final day of lessons being sent home by your children’s teachers. As hard as it has been, there have been opportunities for growth and positivity. We are not certain what the future will bring or how we will start school in August yet, but will let you know when we know. Thank you for your support and for signing up for times to return devices and gather personal items. We look forward to seeing you all next week at your appointed times. You were sent two documents to help you during the check in times: a map and a step-by-step procedures guide. They can also be found right after this message. Thank you to one of our parents and the principal of Endeavour Elementary, Vanessa Mori for designing the procedures guide.

In the meantime, we have had some changes to our staff for next year due to the reduced number of students, a retirement, and other changes in our teachers’ lives. We are bidding a fond farewell to some of our teachers. Marlynn Byers will be teaching kindergarten at Layton Elementary, Janice Johnson is retiring, Tessa Carmack will be teaching 1st grade at Buffalo Point Elementary, Jody Wilson will be furthering her education, Louisa Yu is teaching at Shoreline Junior High, Emilie Miller will be teaching 6th grade at Antelope Elementary, Emily Lawson will be teaching 6th grade in Arizona and Jenn Tate will be teaching 6th grade at Endeavour Elementary. We will miss each one of them and have appreciated the contributions they have made at Heritage. We welcome Ashley Peterson who will be the 4th grade English partner teacher and Renee Tanner who will be the 6th grade English partner teacher. We also welcome Yu-Pei Tan as our new 4th grade Chinese Immersion teacher. She is currently in Taiwan and we are anxiously awaiting her arrival. This is what next year’s staffing looks like as of right now, keeping in mind that changes may occur before school starts again.

Kindergarten: Michelle Barnes (CI), Jileen Hughes

First: Angela Anderson (CI), Stella Liu (CI), Marie Schneider, Carly Taylor

Second: Celeste Hales (CI), Michelle Jensen, Danny Liu (CI), Carolyn Sweat

Third: Ashley Bland, Brenda Johnson, Sherice Phillips (CI), Jing Xie (CI)

Fourth: Heidi Hansen, Ashley Peterson (CI), Carla Stanley, Yu-Pei Tan (CI), Kristy Young

Fifth: Shauna Cowley, Kristin Elswood (CI), Tonya Hyatt, Tian Li (CI)

Sixth: Amber Hansen, Renee Tanner (CI), Chao Tian (CI), Jill Weber

Resource: Tami Ashmead, Shaunee McFadden

Essential Elements: Sally Phelps

Preschool: Wendy Gladden, Taleasha Hart

We sure appreciate the support you have shown us and our students. I cannot tell you that enough. Your children’s teachers will be available throughout next week if you have questions or just need to speak with them. See you next week!

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...Most children who are good learners at some point had to become a good learner.

Develop an atmosphere of reading

Some people argue that reading is the key to success in life. We would most certainly argue that at a minimum reading is a key to success in learning. Children who develop a love of reading develop a love of learning...reading helps children develop a richer vocabulary.

Read to your child regularly...have your child read aloud...create activities that make reading fun. (from: Education Corner)


Yes, audio books count as reading ...listen in the car on the way to soccer practice. (

Go to the Library—make it an adventure (from:

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Heritage Elementary Summer Karate Program

$99 for 8 weeks of classes, twice a week, and an official uniform.

50% of all proceeds go directly to your school!

Our Summer Karate Course will start on June 8, 2020.

Classes will be held at:
Championship Martial Arts
865 West 450 North
Kaysville, UT 84037

Ages 5-6 class times:

Option 1 (2:00 - 2:30 Mon & Wed)
Option 2 (3:00 - 3:30 Mon & Wed)

Ages 7-12 class times:
Option 1 (2:30 - 3:00 Mon & Wed)
Option 2 (3:30 - 4:00 Mon & Wed)

Classes are twice a week, 30 minutes each, for a total of 16 classes during the summer. Included is an official uniform, and the Graduation Ceremony!

Spots are very limited, sign up ASAP to reserve your space.

Come get Fit, Focused, and Learn to Defend yourself, all while having FUN, and supporting your school!

Please call us at (801) 725-1170 if you have any questions.

Click the link below to sign up:

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