FWHMS Family Newsletter

Connecting Families to School - December 2017

Communication Update

School website (http://www.bmrsd.net/frederick_home.aspx)

Our website is the main hub of information. The following is key information you will find:

  • Daily Intercom Announcements
  • Monthly School Calendar
  • Homework Page
  • Monthly Family Newsletter Links
  • After-school Program Information/Registration
  • BMR Athletes Information/Registration Details
  • Staff names and emails

Our OneCall service has been completely updated. All emails have been entered into X2 correctly so that OneCall updates itself correctly. All OneCall phone calls have been set up to go to primary contacts and will no longer be calling work phone numbers.

OneCall will be used in the following ways:


For Important/Major Events only - such as early dismissals, parent/teacher conference nights, evening meetings, and report card distribution. They will be sent after 3:30 pm and end before 8 pm.

Roboemails - On Tuesdays and Fridays only (as needed)

For standard communication - such as the monthly newsletter release, registration information for sports/after-school clubs, field trip information, and other information as needed. The emails may be by whole school or by grade level depending on the communication needs.

Social Media - Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat

We use all our social media to share special happenings after they have happened so that families can see what we are doing. You can find us on all platforms at @fwhms2003

We greatly appreciate the patience you have shown this year as we worked on getting this all set up.

Lost and Found

If your child is missing any items, please ask them to check the lost and found. All unclaimed items will be donated during the holiday break.

Parent Portal - Second Quarter Progress Reports

Second quarter progress reports will be available to view on the parent portal on December 13th. If you have questions or concerns, please email the teacher. This is a link to all the teachers' email addresses. http://www.bmrsd.net/meetourteachersstaff2205.aspx

If you have difficulties or still do not have access to your child on the parent portal, you can request help at http://www.bmrsd.net/Portal.aspx. This page is found under the parent tab on the district website by hovering over parent and clicking on portal.

Toys for Tots and Teens

Parents who need support for the holidays may pick up toys at the warehouse that is located at:

410 North Main St.

Uxbridge, MA

Grade 6 Happenings

A very heartfelt thanks to all sixth grade parents for allowing your child to attend the field trip to Nature’s Classroom. We appreciate your financial and parental support as this trip would not have been able to happen without all of your help. The students had a great time and memories were made as well as friendships. We appreciate and look forward to your continued support throughout the school year.

We are always appreciative and accepting of donations of the following items:

Tissues, hand sanitizer, paper towels, cleaning wipes. Thank you!

Grade 7 Happenings

The first quarter of the year has come and gone and our students have accomplished so much! This month students have become Kindness Agents and completed a whole week focusing on being kind to each other. These acts of kindness include: performing random acts of kindness throughout the school and community, leaving random compliments for each other and school staff, writing cards for seniors at our local Senior Center, and writing thank you cards for people in their lives. Students are encouraged to continue this kindness initiative by completing a random act of kindness and posting a picture using #fwhms2003.

What has been going on in classes?

Students in history will embark on a project where students will be creating a recruitment poster for either Sparta or Athens. I hope you are looking forward to seeing what your student comes up with for this activity; we sure are!

In ELA class, students wrapped up their study of myths, plot, and conflict. We are now gearing up for our next unit on drama, character types, and characterization. We will be reading some acts from A Christmas Carol, which will culminate with a test, project, and viewing of the timeless classic. Please remember that students are assigned a independent novel to read each quarter. If you do not see your student reading then please ask them how they are getting their reading done. As always, thank you for your continued support!

Math classes will continue to work on the 7th grade curriculum. Students will continue to have homework Monday-Thursday night, and if students get stuck on a problem please encourage them to speak with their teacher. Purple team’s December POM (problem of the month) is due December 15. If your student has some free time please encourage them to get online to go to IXL or http://www.coolmath-games.com/.

A majority of science work is done in the classroom or lab. If students fall behind with their science notebooks then they should be bringing them home to get caught up. Mane students have been falling behind with their notebook work, so please check in with your student or check parent portal. If they have questions, please encourage your student to talk to the teacher.

Please remember teachers are available Monday-Thursday for extra help. We are not available on the second and last Monday of the month due to faculty and curriculum meetings.

Please be sure to check our Homework Page to see all teachers’ homework for the week. We try our hardest to have this updated by the end of the day on Mondays.

Finally, thank you to all families who attended Parent Teacher Conferences and to families who made donations to teachers during our Scholastic Book Fair. Your generosity is much appreciated!

Grade 8 Happenings

Second quarter is off and running and our 8th graders are working hard to meet their goals for the quarter. Great things are happening on the third floor!

Science continues to be a class of discovery. Their unit of motion has been completed and is being followed up with understanding why the seasons occur. Tides and Gravity will be next on the way to interpreting the world around us.

English students are in the middle of interpreting articles of nonfiction about various topics dealing with ethics and safety. The students will then be given their own articles to comprehend and explain in a written essay.

Extended Algebra students are continuing to balance multi-step equations, and then they will move on to Roots and Rational and Irrational Numbers. Algebra I students are entering our Polynomials unit, and will be multiplying binomials and factoring trinomials. The hallways will soon be decorated with their Interesting Facts in Scientific Notation posters!

The Reformation group projects and presentations are done! We are moving on to the discovering the Age of Exploration and the way the world was reshaped by the journey of Christopher Columbus. Did his journey help or hurt civilization as a whole?

As always, the eighth grade expectations are that students are studying every night, looking at Google Classroom for information they need, and asking questions when needed. Please don’t hesitate to email any of us if you have questions.

Wellness Happenings

Grade 6

The new quarter began on November 7th and students focused their learning on Decision Making and Friendships. They created posters using words and images related to both positive and negative decision making, and are in the process of completing a partner project that will demonstrate their understanding of the unit. A big book, role play, or essay will be completed during class time. Next, students will be participating in the CATCH My Breath e-cigarette program.

Grade 7

Students have been engaged in learning about self esteem and body image. Presently, students are working in groups on a reciprocal teaching project. Each group was assigned a different topic such as body bullying, steroid use, selfie culture, photoshopping, peer pressure, and body shaming ads and students will present their topics to the class.

Grade 8

The first unit for this quarter is called the Impact of Your Choices. After learning about the responsible decision making model, students served as members of a mock jury. Students are learning about the consequences of choosing to text and drive and other distracted driving behaviors. They will also learn about nomophobia- the fear of being without their mobile device and the impact social media has on their ability to communicate. We will evaluate risks and use the stunt videos on YouTube as an example. Students will be participating in Socratic Circles throughout the quarter.

Hello-ho- ho from the HMS Music Department

You are all invited to our Holiday Concerts. On Tuesday, December 12 at 7:00 pm in the

BMR High School auditorium, the concert will feature the sixth grade band under the

direction of Mr. Martins and the 8th grade chorus under the direction of Mrs. Ryan.

On Thursday, December 14th at 7 pm in the BMR High School auditorium, the concert will feature the seventh and eighth grade bands under the direction of Mr. Marcotte. Both concerts are free to the public.

Guidance News

A monthly column that addresses either questions submitted or article that may be of interest to families. If you'd like to submit an anonymous question, email bmignaelli@bmrsd.net or srielly@bmrsd.net. You can look for the link on the parent tab on our website.

The following article from the Love and Logic Institute, Insiders Club might help you put grades in perspective and help you help your child.

We can’t learn for kids. The first thing to remember is that the child’s report card is the child’s… not ours. While it’s easy to get down on ourselves when kids perform poorly, it’s very important to our mental health and theirs to remember the following: We can’t control every action they take or decision they make. As educators and parents we can up the odds of high achievement by modeling responsibility, establishing a safe and calm environment, providing excellent instruction and demonstrating excitement for learning.

Many highly successful people struggled with grades as children. Secondly, it’s comforting to remember that some of the world’s most successful people have struggled with grades. Albert Einstein, Henry Ford, Jim Fay and Dr. Foster Cline are some notable examples. What’s most important is that our children develop good character, curiosity, and problem-solving skills.

Remember to respond with sincere love and concern. Thirdly, if we can consistently demonstrate empathy rather than anger or frustration, the odds of them overcoming their difficulties dramatically increase. Is empathy really that powerful? Yes indeed! In fact, a growing body of research is demonstrating that warmth (i.e., empathy) is strongly correlated with higher achievement and better behavior. (If you like reading research studies: Rivers, Mullis, Fortner & Mullis, 2012 and Silt, Hughes, Wu & Kwock, 2012.)

So . . . let’s try:

Oh man. I bet these grades are really disappointing for you. Please let me know if there is anything I can do to help. The good news is that this doesn’t change the way I feel about you.

Health Office News

As always, it is our goal this school year to keep our students as healthy as possible. Please read below the recommendations from the Department of Public Health and be aware of ways to keep you and your child healthy.

What can I do to keep my child from getting sick?

  • Get your child vaccinated. Vaccination is the best way to keep your child from getting the flu. Your child needs to be vaccinated this year, even if vaccinated last year.
  • Teach your children to wash their hands often. Washing with soap and hot water for at least 20 seconds is ideal (about as long as it takes to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice).
  • Teach your children to use hand sanitizer. Gels, rubs, and hand wipes all work well, as long as they contain at least 60% alcohol. Watch small children using gels so they don’t swallow it.
  • Teach your children to cough or sneeze into their elbow—not their hands! Cover coughs and sneezes with tissues or by coughing into the inside of their elbow. They should wash their hands after blowing their nose or coughing into a tissue.
  • Teach your children to avoid touching their nose, mouth or eyes. They should keep their hands away from their face.

If your child is sick please keep him/her home. Our school follows the guidelines recommended by the Massachusetts Department of Public Health and requests that all students with fever or vomiting stay home until they are no longer vomiting and are fever-free, without the use of fever reducing medicines, for 24 hours. These medicines include Motrin or Advil (ibuprofen), Tylenol (acetaminophen). Keeping children with an illness home will keep them from getting other people sick. Please call me at 508-876-0193, option 3, with any questions or concerns. Thank you.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns.

Sue Wiegers

School Nurse


508-876-0193, option 3

Grade 8 Washington, DC Trip Information

Dates: June 10-13

Cost Price: $595.00

Trip price includes:

Bus, Hotel, Meals,-Dinner on the way down and dinner on the way back ($30.00 for both) is not included in the meal cost, t-shirt and museum ticket cost.

**Make checks payable to: Hartnett Middle School

Payment Plan Schedule

Payment #1 148.75 Due Date: 11/9

Payment #2 148.75 Due Date: 01/10

Payment #3 148.75 Due Date: 03/09

Payment 4 148.75 Due Date: 05/15

Fundraising questions: Please contact Mrs. Curt Hoard: tcurt@bmrsd.net All profits will be credited to the student's trip balance. Parents will be emailed the amount credited. Please note: Any fundraiser monies raised by a student who later opts to not attend will become part of the HMS student activities account.

Trip insurance is available if you would like to purchase it. Click on this link https://nta.aontravelprotect.com/index.jsf . The tour operator location number is: 386016

The estimated cost for a basic plan is $59.00 and $79.00 for an enhanced plan. Please check with the insurance company for actual prices.

Scholastica Refund Deposit Policy:

Calendar Days Before Departure Date

30 or more - Scholastica Travel Inc will retain 20% of the trip deposit. Each individual or group will receive an 80% refund of money deposited with Scholastica less any nonrefundable prepaid reservations.

29 to 14 - Scholastica Travel Inc will retain 25% of the trip deposit. Each individual or group will receive a 75% refund of money deposited with Scholastica less any nonrefundable prepaid reservations, contingent on the group or individual being paid in full.

13 or less - Scholastica Travel Inc will retain 50% of the trip deposit. Each individual or group will receive a 50% refund of money deposited with Scholastica less any nonrefundable prepaid reservations, contingent on the group or individual being paid in full.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Trip Itinerary: A variety of Smithsonian Museums, Arlington National Cemetery for the wreath laying, Monuments and Dinner Cruise along the Potomac.

  2. Chaperones: Teachers will be chaperoning this trip as they have done in the past.

  3. Meals are included (in the price) with the exception of the meal going to DC and the meal returning from DC.

  4. Hotel Rooms typically consist of 4 per room (this is always subject to change).

  5. Parent Meeting will be scheduled late winter, early spring to cover any additional questions, discuss finalized information for the trip, medical concerns and communication lines.

  6. Please email Mrs. Finnegan: kfinnegan@bmrsd.net with any questions.

Winter Session Begins - December 18th

The winter session will run from December 18th to March 9th from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm. Click here to register your child(ren) today.

Ski Club - Sign Up Now - Starts Jan 7th

Are you someone who loves to ski or snowboard? If so, then this club is for YOU! The Ski/Snowboard club travels to Wachusett Mountain every Sunday for 6 weeks starting January 7, 2018. The club takes a coach bus which leaves the middle school at 3:00 pm and returns at approximately 9:00pm.

There are options available for renting equipment, ski/snowboard lessons (offered at a variety of levels), and use of the Terrain Park for anyone interested.

Fees for the club:

-A MANDATORY bus fee (approximately $120 for 6 weeks)

-Lift badge fee to ski/board ($120 for 6 weeks)

-Additional fees for rentals, badge insurance, lockers, etc .

Click here to view flyer and how to register through Wachusett Mountain. Bus fee is paid through the school. Make bus fee checks/money orders payable to Hartnett Middle School.


Purchase Now for a Discount

This year, we have partnered with Jostens to bring you a high-quality, full-color 2017-2018 yearbook. If you act now, you can take advantage of our lowest price of the year (until December 31st). Yearbooks can be ordered online by clicking here, or by printing, filling out a form (click here) and returning it to the main office with payment.

Recognition Ads

This year, we are offering yearbook recognition ads. Yearbook recognition ads are a great way for parents, families and friends to commemorate student achievements and important milestones. In addition, revenues from recognition ads help our school to create a better yearbook. To purchase your ad online, follow the instructions on the form (click here) or click here for the direct link to the ad site. You will have to set up an account with Jostens to complete an ad. Please take into account our school's ad content guidelines on the bottom of this form during the creation of your ad online. All ad orders must be placed online by 11/30/2017. If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Tasker at stasker@bmrsd.net.

Photos Wanted

Any family who has pictures of school related events (socials, sporting events, STEM competitions etc.) is welcome to email the pictures to the HMS Yearbook at emailhmsyearbook@gmail.com. Please include a short description of the picture(s) in your email.

PBIS School Store Donations Wanted

We are looking for donations of holiday novelty items. They can be purchased from places like the Dollar Store, Ocean State Job Lot, Rhode Island Novelty, Oriental Trading, Walmart, and Target. Please donate in sets of at least a dozen. We would also like donations of new holiday hats and headbands for our Holiday Spirit Day.


Our new homework page for this year is:


Please note: TeacherWeb (previous homework website) is shutting down as of 12/31/17. In order to make the transition easier, we are not using it at the start of this school year so that we do not have to change it in the middle of the school year.

If your child needs help, teachers are available Monday to Thursday to help your child for 15 minutes after school. If you book an appointment, they are available for 30 minutes. Please email your child(ren)'s teacher to book an appointment.

Pay Online for School Lunch

You can pay for your child's school lunch online at myschoolbucks.com or download the app. You will need your child's ID number to enroll.

You can view the account balance, see what was purchased, and schedule automatic payments if you wish.

Be Fearless, Be Kind Pledge from Hasbro

From now through December 20, for everyone who takes the BE FEARLESS, BE KIND pledge, Hasbro will donate a toy or game to Toys for Tots, up to 250,000 toys, for children in need this holiday season. Visit https://leadasap.ysa.org/pledge/ to take the pledge.

"BE FEARLESS BE KIND is Hasbro’s new signature philanthropic initiative. It’s designed to inspire and empower kids to have the compassion, empathy and courage to stand up for others and be inclusive throughout their lives.The goal of BE FEARLESS BE KIND is to elevate this issue and provide resources to help parents and kids with the ultimate goal of building a kinder generation. A generation where all kids are included; where differences are appreciated; where empathy and compassion are nurtured in kids, and where kids get the feeling of fulfilment that comes with doing the right thing....Because of the pervasiveness and influence of our brands on kids around the world, we have a unique opportunity to elevate these issues and teach children the emotional skills that will help them stand up for others and be inclusive throughout their lives. Our call to action is simple: BE FEARLESS BE KIND. We know it’s not always easy to be kind. If often takes courage to do the right thing. That’s why we use the words BE FEARLESS BE KIND.We want kids to stand up for others, include everyone, and take action when they see a problem."

Calendar of Events

Friday, December 1st

  • Toys for Tots and Teen Toy Drive Began

Monday, December 4th

  • Winter Gear/Blanket Drive Begins - sponsored by NJHS

Friday, December 8th

  • Bring Your Device to Lunch - Costs $1 to help with upcoming StuCo events
  • Flannel Shirt Day
  • Toys for Tots and Teen Toy Drive Ends
Tuesday, December 12th
  • 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm - Boys' First Basketball Home Game
  • 4:45 pm to 5:45 pm - Girls' First Basketball Home Game
  • 7 pm - at BMR Auditorium - 6th Grade Band/8th Grade Chorus Holiday Concert
Wednesday, December13th
  • Progress Reports for Quarter 2 in X2 Portal
Thursday, December 14th
  • 7 pm - at BMR Auditorium - 7th/8th Grade Band Holiday Concert
Friday, December 15th
  • Ugly Holiday Sweater Day
Monday, December 18th

Thursday, December 21st

  • Holiday Hat Spirit Day - purchase hats at school store
  • Holiday Luncheon/Gift Giveaway Game Show - All lunches - daily lunch cost
  • PBIS School Store Chromebook Raffle - Winner to be chose

Friday, December 22nd

  • Holiday Hat Spirit Day - purchase hats at school store
  • 11 am - Early Dismissal
  • Winter Gear/Blanket Drive Ends

Monday, December 25th to January 1st

  • No School - Holiday Break

Be sure to visit our school web site to view our school events calendar.


ABC's of Student Success

P is for Parent Involvement
Research shows that students with parents who are involved in their education have higher achievement. You can get involved in your child's education by:
  • reading with your child each night. Regular reading improves many skills. It reinforces that reading is a valuable and pleasurable activity.
  • volunteering at your child's school. Call your child's teacher for ideas about how you can help from home or at school.
  • attending school acitivies. Be your child's number one fan!

Math @ Home

Calculating Coupons

Involve the family in making a grocery shopping list. Mark checks or tallies next to each items to indicate how many are needed. This helps children learn how to collect data. Choose coupons that match the items on the list. Discuss how much money will be saved on various items by using those coupons.


Parent Pointers

Emphasizing the Importance of Reading
  • Parents who read usually have children that read.
  • Reduce screen time and increase reading time.
  • Set time each day where you and your child will read.
  • Read aloud with your child using expression that shows you love to read and you enjoy reading to them.
  • Share with each other what you have read.

School-wide Ongoing Fundraisers

BoxTops - You can find the tops on participating products. Cut out the top and have your child bring it to school. We earn 10 cents for each top collected. Visit www.boxtops4education.com for a listing of products.

Stop & Shop A Plus Program - Register your rewards card to help us earn $$. Log on to www.stopandshop.com/aplus to register online USE SCHOOL ID: 07080 or dial 1-877-275-2758 to register your card over the phone.

Amazon - Please click here to shop on Amazon.com. A small percentage of what you purchase will go to the Hartnett Middle School PTO to help support field trips, assemblies, special events, and after school programming. It is the same Amazon.com you may use, with a small percentage supporting middle school students.

It is the policy of the Blackstone-Millville Regional School District not to discriminate on the basis of race, color, gender, religion, national origin, homelessness, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, or disability, in its educational programs, services, activities, or employment practices; as defined and required by state and federal laws. Further information may be obtained by contacting Dr. Janis LaPorte at 508-876-0190 or jlaporte@bmrsd.net.