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Special Issue of the Digital Broadside

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Welcome to 2015 - 2016

Welcome back to school.

As most of you know, just about every week, I send a newsletter to all the Social Studies teachers detailing some current events related to the classroom, instructional strategies, new resources, professional development opportunities, and more.

This newsletter serves as both a reminder and introduction to all the resources you have available. Some are new resources while others are some that have been around, but may still be a unintended secret.

Hope this is helpful!

New Resources for Civics

Over the summer, a few teachers helped created Civics resources for everyone in the county.

Scott Rizzi created, and is creating more, Kahoots! for each Civics SOL. You'd think Kahoot would make it easy to access, but you would be wrong. The best way to find them is to:

  1. log into your Kahoot Account;
  2. Click on the PUBLIC KAHOOTS at the top of the screen;
  3. In the search box, type in hcpssocialstudies

That should do the trick.

Carey Smithson created banks in Socrative for Civics SOLs. Again, Socrative doesn't make it easy to access other people's stuff. So:

  1. Log into your Socrative Account;
  2. Go to Manage Quizzes;
  3. Go to Import Quizzes;
  4. In the first box, asking for SOC numbers, use these:

Socrative Codes

  • CE.2 SOC-16807573
  • CE.3 SOC-16807809
  • CE.5 SOC-16807929
  • CE.6 SOC-16842100
  • CE. 7/8 SOC-16870410
  • CE.9 SOC-16870728
  • CE.10 SOC-16895597
  • CE.11 SOC-16967504
  • CE.12 SOC-16989366
  • CE.13 SOC-16989778
  • CE.14 SOC-16989959

Quizlet, stealing from Nancy Pierpont and a Mr. Byvik, there are these two sets of flashcards (Pierpont and Byvik) already created. Thanks Quizlet for making sharing so easy!

Civics Review Packet: The team at Moody made this packet last year to help Advanced 7th graders do well with Civics content. Use as you want.

Oldies but Goodies

Here are sites I've had for a while with different resources:

  • For basic pacing guides and curriculum documents, go to my Social Studies blog;
  • The county wanted a similar page for all content, so for the same thing, go to the Pacing Blog;
  • For digital resources, frameworks, digital textbooks, K-12 vertical articulation, and website relevant for your content area, check out this wiki, which is also the red bar below which appears in every newsletter. This year, World Geography is new.
  • Many teachers have shared power points, worksheets, and others resources with me and are located in this Google Drive folder. Some folders have too much stuff while others are empty. I'm always looking for teachers to share resources.
  • The Social Studies Google Plus group links to many of the same things in the previous bullets, but also gives you a place to ask questions. This is a site for teachers and administrators.


This summer, and in training last year, I've discussed the topic of RIGOR in Social Studies. For me, RIGOR means: Reading, Inquiry, Grouping, Organization,and wRiting- all for a purpose and involving Critical Thinking. To help teachers, I've created this RIGOR folder in Google with dozens of activities for you to use in class. Some of them are quick and easy, others might take an hour to plan out in your class.

Interactive Achievement

I have just entered Student Growth Measures for all middle school content and all SOL tested content in the high school level.

There are also 100s of questions in IA for all SOL classes for you to create your own tests and quizzes.

The benchmark and mock SOL tests will also be in there.

Advanced Placement Resources

Recently, AP US History and AP European History have been redesigned. APUSH twice!

Here are folders that have resources for you. Keep in mind, AP Euro just changed over, so resources are more limited. If you have anything, please share.

Also, APUSH changed again, so some of the resources may not fit perfectly with the re-redesign.

If you teach another AP class and want a folder of shared material, let me know. I'll make it and we can start sharing.

APUSH Folder

AP Euro Folder

Prevention Project

Starting with Hermitage High School, students have been learning about Human Trafficking and how to combat it in a program called The Prevention Project. Since "the Herm," Godwin and Glen Allen High School have implemented it with success.

I have bought a license for the curriculum for every school. If you think you have a place for this 6-lesson curriculum, let me know. It would fit in many electives like Sociology or even a class like Government.


Come on... it's cute Internet dogs....

I'm always looking for good resources to share. If you have resources and activities that work in your classroom, let me know and I can share them out.

One rule with the Google Drive Resource Box was if you borrow one, leave one. There's too much good stuff out there for other folks to spend time re-inventing the wheel.

Please email me if you want to share something you think other teachers can benefit from.

Instructional Ideas

Click here to go to the HCPS SOL Resources WikiPage

Digital resources for SOL courses including state guidelines, online textbooks, and other resources to use in the classroom.


American Apparel: A History of Fashion [rebroadcast] by BackStory


I asked this question to the new teachers last week, but never gave the answer:

"What is unique about the death of JFK?" Truly unique, not that he was in a car.