A Christmas Carol

Charles Dickens

Christmas Carol Song - 8


The story teaches yout to be thankful at all times even during the holidays. In our every day lives we are thankful for everything in life, like how Scrooge is now.


Before Scrooge was rude and selfish. He never gave anything to poor. After Scrooge was thankful.He even bought a turkey for Bob Crachit and his family.


The ended story with everyone happy and Scrooge being joyful and caring about everything in life.


The conflict in the story is that Scrooge is selfish and does not care about anybody but himself. People tell him to donate but he never does. People also tell him he needs to change his ways.

Falling Action

 He has just came back from seeing the ghost of christmas present. He had seen how rude and abnoxious he had been to people. He had relized that he was wrong and that he should treated them with more respect.


 Scrooge has seen his christmas past . And saw how happy he used to be. And is thinkng about how he might change  his ways.

Rising Action

 The rising action in this story is that Scrooge starts seeing ghosts to change his ways. Or that he will end up like his partner Jacob Marley in chains because his greed.


 Ebenezer Scrooge is a mean character and is important to the story because he has to show why you have to be thankful at christmas.


The story takes place at christmas. The author chose this place to show why you should be good at christmas.


Ebenezer Scrooge was a selfish man. He never did any good for anybody.  He always was being mean to friends and family. Then soon he would see the error's of his ways. When he would ghosts appearing.