Welcome to Uranus!!!!!!

The Ice Giant that spins on it's side!

Uranus Facts!

  • 7th Planet from the Sun
  • 13 Rings
  • 1 Uranus Day = 17 Earth Hours
  • 1 Uranus Year= 84 Earth Years
  • 27 Moons, which include Oberon, Titania, Miranda, Ariel, and Umbriel
  • Planet is an Ice Giant
  • Nicknamed "The Sideways Planet" because Uranus has the largest tilt of any planet in the Solar System and spins on it's side.
  • Distance from the Sun: 19.19 AU
  • 82.5% of Hydrogen, 15.2% of Helium, and 2.3% of Methane for atmosphere
  • Average Temperature: -212 degrees Celsius
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The Trip to here!

From Earth to Uranus: You will have to take a monorail from certain ports from different planets. You can take a monorail from Earth to Mars, then Mars to Saturn, and from there, go to Uranus. You will end up on the most outer ring of Uranus and from there, you will be able to rent a special vehicle that helps travel around Uranus quickly. You will also need special Uranus space suits to not freeze or suffocate.

Where to stay!

The trip from Earth to Uranus will take almost a day! You must be exhausted when you finally get off the monorail. There are many wonderful hotels to choose from! For example, the Herschel Hotel is one of our most popular places to stay. When you walk inside, you are greeted by a breeze of warm air and the scent of freshly baked cookies. The entire hotel comes with free oxygen, so you don't have to wear your space suit inside. As a bonus, there is a Jacuzzi open 24/7! This hotel is a suite, so the prices may vary.


This might be the reason you came! Our most favorite attraction is the Titania Ice Rink. It gets it's name from the moon Titania. It is an outdoor ice rink, and you can see the moon from anywhere you stand. You can ice skate with your friends, and there are lessons you can take. There is also a roller coaster called Sonic Bullet Roller Coaster. It goes at speeds up to 64 miles per hour. You can sit next to your friend while you scream your lungs out!

Show off to your friends!

There are many gift shops around Uranus that you can buy souvenirs. There are key chains that have ice cubes, moons, and more! There are clothing that says "I went to Uranus"! There are plushes of William Herschel holding a telescope, and Ice Monsters wearing a shirt that says "I'm from Uranus"! All merchandise cost less than $45! It isn't that expensive!

Remember to come back!

When you have to go back to Earth, you will always remember the good times you had at Uranus, like the special attractions, the souvenirs, and the icy cold weather. You can always come back! Just remember to return your Hover Car. You can keep the space suit until you come back. You will probably miss this fun, but cold planet.