Welcome to Pflugerville MS Choir!

Welcome to the Choir Family!

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2021 Pflugerville MS Choir Pop Show

Why Choir? Why Now?

Whether in-person or from a distance, Choir is about community! Community is always our priority, something every student needs. Especially now. Music making at home or in the classroom allows our students to express themselves, build self-confidence, learn leadership skills, learn to work with and appreciate others, and even find stress relief. Choir is ALWAYS a good idea!
Choral Singing in America: Nurturing the American Soul


Q: Does Choir cost money?

A: The only item our students are required to purchase is a t-shirt ($15 or less). Even then, we are happy to work with students and families who are unable to make that purchase. All other costs are covered by the Choir depart and/or are optional. Financial need will never prevent a student from participating in Choir.

Q: My child likes singing, but their voice is changing. Should they do something else until their voice finishes changing?

A: Keep them singing! Research shows that singing through a voice change makes for stronger singers in the future! Ms. Martin and Mr. Bennett are specially trained in assisting students during challenging voice changes. We can even help your student feel more confident as they navigate the voice cracks and squawks that are bound to happen! Keep them singing!

Q: Do Choir students have to sing by themselves in front of people?

A: Nope! We will never force a student to sing alone in front of an audience. However, there will always be solo opportunities for those who want them!

Q: My student is preparing for college. How can Choir help them?

A: Choir is the perfect activity to list on a college application! Participation shows grit, perseverance, dedication, leadership skills, teamwork abilities, and so much more! In addition, success in choir can lead to scholarships, even for those who major in other fields. Finally, Choir is a source of support, a family at school. That community and support leads to success!

What do we do in Choir?


  • Vocal Technique
  • Music Theory
  • Sight Reading
  • Performance Skills


  • Leadership
  • Excellence
  • Community
  • Empathy


  • Fall Concert
  • Winter Concert
  • Holiday Caroling
  • Pop Show
  • Optional Performances


  • UIL Concert & Sight Reading Evaluation
  • Spring Festivals
  • Region Honor Choir (individual)
  • Solo & Ensemble (individual)

Have Fun!

  • Choir Socials!
  • Karaoke
  • Main Event
  • Six Flags and/or Typhoon Texas

Ms. Martin

Ms. Martin is thrilled to be at the helm of the pfabulous Pflugerville Middle School Choir! A local, Ms. Martin grew up singing in Round Rock, Texas. Before graduating high school, she was a member of the TMEA All-State Choir and sang with Austin's Conspirare Symphonic Choir under the direction of Craig Hella Johnson. Ms. Martin graduated from the University of Texas, Austin in 2014 with a Bachelors Degree in Choral Music Studies. During her time at UT she sang with the UT Concert Chorale under the direction of Dr. Suzanne Pence as well as Chamber Singers under the direction of Dr. James Morrow. She was frequently a featured soloist for UT's Bach Cantata Project series. Since then, she has taught choir in the Houston area at Arnold Middle School in Cy-Fair ISD and Sartartia Middle School in Fort Bend ISD. Her favorite things include photography, painting, singing with local choirs, and her precious dog, Bilbo.