Skylar Miller

Stay loyal to your Friends because if you are not loyal to them,your friendship might fall apart

friendship is a always changing thing. Its hard to make good friends. Sometimes friends change as you get older.Its important to have friends because when you don't have friends,there is no one to support you in rough times.


The setting is in Edwardsville Illinois 2013. The neighborhood was Stonebrooke(1605 Stonebrooke drive present day) Norwalk iowa Suburban area.


I used to live in Illinois In a town named Edwardsville . I had met a new friend named Jakob. We protected each other from bullies. When our friendship fell apart I was never told why. when I told him I was moving he thought I was lying because we had our floors repaired. Even though I was loyal to Jakob our friendship still fell apart. A week ago i went to go see Him. I tried to talk to him but he ignored me.I asked him if we were still friends and he said Not really. I was loyal but he just took it for granted.

Turning point

I moved to Norwalk and met new friends.Once I had to protect my friend from a Bully.

This relates to my theme because I was loyal to her by stopping the bully.

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This is Jakob who used to be my friend.