6 Impossible Things

My Personal 6 Impossible Things

1. Let my Dad Know That I'm a Different Person to Him

I know this seems weird but he is always expecting me to be just like him. We share some similar skills and traits but he is always wanting me to do what he does. I'm not sure he realizes that I'm not him. He is always wanting me to do things in his workshop when I'm more content to stay in my room and read.

I understand he wants best for me but I want to go down a different path. Hopefully he will understand that at some point.

2. Find Work

I know I'm still under the legal age but I need a job. Once I go off to college and university, I will need some financial stability. Also if I could work at a game store, I could do what I love and get paid for it.

I also would like to spend time in Japan, so I need to save up for that.

3. Stop Fighting With my Sister

I understand that many people say this but to me it's important. If we cant get along now, we will drift apart and we won't overcome our differences. She is outgoing and loud whereas I'm more quiet and refined. We have to live together so it would be better if we could get along.

Also if we are to be friends later in life, we have to start now.

4. Reach 1st Kyu in Iaiado

This seems a bit of an odd one. But this sport is intense and the attention to detail is tremendous. If i could finish the kyu grades, I'll be happy. It is such a refined art that the position of your fingers can have you fail a grading. 1st kyu is a good goal.

As many kids don't do this sport, I think I have a good chance to reach this grade in a few years.

5. Get Into a Famous University

If I'm going to be any sort of academic or anything really. I would want to study at the best place possible. The field I want to work in eventually would require high english, history and perhaps culture skills as well. I'll get to my dream job next. But high certifications always help. Even if I can't get what I want, a good education is important.

You can only be as successful as you want, and as soon as you stop putting in the effort, everything falls apart. With good higher education, these things become easier and easier to accomplish. This means I can achieve the future I want.

6. Work as a Story Creator for Video Games

This would make my life perfect. Iv'e always marveled at the ability of games to tell stories or send important messages to masses of people. Imagine being the one who creates those mind boggling worlds that seem so much like reality. From power struggles between factions, to adventures into the great unknown world. How intricate must those webs of stories be to create such an enthralling reality.

To be creating the things I have so much admiration for would be life changing. People do things for the stories they can tell, or the ones they learn and to be the creator of such wonders would be amazing.