Perfect Portuguese Man o' War

Kaitlyn Lafferty


Owwww! Can you imagine getting stung by the deadly sea creature, the Portuguese Man O’ War? The diet, habitat and appearance of the Man O’ war are all very interesting topics to learn about this sea creature. Amazingly, the Man O’ War is still active, even several hours, after it’s death.


The habitat, diet and appearance of this menacing monster are absolute incredible things to learn about. The Portuguese Man O’ War is a very interesting animal to research. I hope I never run into one on the beach!


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This is my diorama of the habitat of a Portuguese Man O' War. Number one is the star, the Portuguese Man O' War. Number two is the starfish which is a bottom dweller. The sea anenome is number three which is kind of like a sea plant. The sea turtle is number four. Number five is a jellyfish. Number six is the clownfish species. Coral is number seven. Number eight is on the right side which is a tropical fish.

Go Fish

I bought such cool fish for my Go Fish project and these are them! For the cost off all the aquarium decorations I spent $110.08. The cost off the tax was $6.60. With the tax my total on the aquarium is $116.68. I had $133.32 leftover to spend on fish. I bought two Margarita Snails to help clean the tank. I bought a Male Ignitus Anthias fish, a Red Female Veiltail Betta and a Lunare Wrasse. To support my fish and their tank I need 19 gallons of water. Go Fish was a lot of fun!


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